Forrest Whitaker Files: Glock Revolver (Update)



But not just a Glock Revolver…..


No shit, I am still trying to stop my eye from twitching after this. I may need and shot of Novocaine.


UPDATE: It turns out there is 9mm rimfire…

…but it is a shell used in a shotgun categorized as “garden gun.” Interesting.

But I am still going to wait for the Glock revolver version because perfection!


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  1. Is this real life?

  2. It’s not just a revolver, it’s a rimfire! A 9mm rimfire. Dude, buy it. Do you have any idea how rare that is?

  3. That should be grounds for getting your dealer’s permit revoked.

  4. Name the store.

  5. Is that a Bass Pro tag?

  6. The 9mm Flobert is rimfire, however the sign says 9mm *luger* rimfire, so yeah still a fail on the cartridge, as well as everything else. It must be a joke.

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