Epitaph for Greg Lake

I must have been 9 or 10 years old when I first heard Epitaph on the radio. Of course back then I did not understood one word of English, but the song stayed with me because of its haunting mood. I didn’t transition into “serious music listener” till I heard (and bought) Brain Salad Surgery by Emerson. Lake and Palmer. I did not know it at the time, but I had become a Prog Rock fan for life.

So when I found out that Greg Lake left this plane of life, I felt a bit of my of my childhood die with it. I am still amazed how much music back them was so important to the person I became.

I know a lot of people are playing songs from ELP and Asia, but I just want to celebrate him with the song that maybe initiated me into the ranks of the weirdo kids that listened to even weirder albums.

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  1. 2016 has been hard as hell on the ranks of the old-school entertainers, y’know, the ones worth listening to. And hell on a few more, Scalia, Glenn, most of them did not live to know that there is a brighter future ahead for the country (maybe — I’m still not 100 percent for Trump, but I sure as hell am 100 percent against Clinton). God rest them all.

    Ye stand in good company in the music department. Prog Rock is my easy listening choice. My bread and butter is power metal or symphonic metal (both 80s / 90s and modern offerings). There are a surprising lot of metalheads that are hard conservative as well as hard music fans, but they don’t speak out about it because metal already has a bad mainstream reputation.

  2. Thank you Miguel.

    A truly fitting memorial to a truly talented artist. The world is now much smaller

    I had not heard Epitaph in years, and never would have thought of it. Having heard it, I cannot think of a more fitting epitaph.

  3. The loss that really made me feel old was Chris Squire, bassist for Yes. My style of playing was much like his (but not nearly as good) and YesSongs got me through High School.

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