Apparently glass is more valuable than life.

AADAYTON, Ohio (WRGT) — A gas station employee who shot back at an armed robber is talking only with FOX 45 about why he says he is no longer employed with the station. Pete Nunn said after the violent robbery with shots fired from both parties, he was asked not to bring his gun to work any more because of the cost to fix damage to windows, at Sunoco on Wayne at Wyoming Street. Nunn said he has had his CCW (Carrying a Concealed Weapons) permit for seven years and has worked at the gas station with his gun every day just as long.

Source: Gas station employee says he lost job after armed robbery | WKEF

If the story is true, the owner of that gas station is a particularly despicable individual. At least another media source tried to contact him, but did no respond. I guess a bucket of water and some bleach to clean the blood and other excretions from the dead body of an employee is cheaper than replacing a whole glass pane.


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  1. The Demshoviks in govt have determined that your life is worth between $186-$200. That was the cost of killing Randy Weaver’s wife and each of the men, women and children at the Waco compound for non-payment of a simple (and un-Constitutional) “tax”……
    I’m not surprised that businesses have followed their lead. Your death/injury is simply part of the costs of doing business.

  2. That sure says a lot about who he is as an employer and as a person.

  3. Take a look at all the big name pizza places. Drivers are prohibited from carrying firearms because a dead driver is cheaper than a dead thug. Since it was a SUNOCO affiliate, I’m sure corporate lawyers has something to say about it. Also the insurance company that was fine with his carrying probably started singing a different tune when they had to replace a couple thousand bucks worth of windows.

  4. The owner needs a better insurance plan if the deductible is that much.. sheesh.

  5. Good employee gone (and thankfully alive)…

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