Ms. Sloane’s Director vs. Brady Campaign: Who is lying?

Via Days of our Trailers, I find out that there is a “discrepancy” floating around about the movie Ms Sloane which already is getting crappy reviews by the DC critics. If you go real quick over the Brady Campaign’s Facebook page, you will see the following:

And the attached announcement:


But just a few days ago, John Madden, the director of the movie, said this to the Washington Post:

So who is lying? You decide. I will assume my cynical position and say both parties are lying because both are for Gun Control.


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  1. There is an alternative where they are both telling the truth; This would require what I refer to as a ‘true-ism’* on the part of the director.

    One needs to parse the quote words VERY CAREFULLY. While he claims he did not ‘offer the (presumably completed) script’ to the Brady Campaign**, that does not preclude bringing them on to HELP WRITE THE SCRIPT to begin with. See also the Brady’s words about their “contribution’ to the film.

    *Not to be confused with a truism:
    **Note he refers to the one specific group of anti-gunners but generalizes other “Second Amendment groups”. Freudian slip?

  2. It’s also possible that the Brady Campaign contributed monetarily to the film, or helped with publicizing it, or myriad of other actions in support of the film other than helping write or review the script.

    If any of that happened, then the director is lying via omission (by focusing on the script to the exclusion of all else). If not, the Brady Campaign is lying about contributing.

    Safest bet: Both are lying. It is what they do, after all.

  3. I was told when I first began practicing law that “The truth is the best lie”. You can have every word coming out of your mouth objectively true yet not convey the larger truth. That is why when a speaker can say what they want and not say what they don’t want, absent effective cross examination, you effectively never can get to “the truth”.

  4. I think both of the above are correct…. sigh

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  6. Just added a bit to the above narrative.

    Clearly Madden was lying, as both the Brady AND the cast don’t corroborate his story.

    Also the Hollywood Lawyers would likely need a release signed by the Brady Campaign to use their name, and NO entity would blindly sign away their name to a movie in per-production without requesting relevant script pages to make sure the script reflects their brand in a positive light.

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