No better praise for a job well done.

It was a long eight years with this bozo and his support mechanism (both governmental and private media based) attempting to undermine our Second Amendment rights. But even with such a magnificent structure, it is hard to fight against a determined enemy without a defined structure (think of ourselves as the political asymmetric warriors) and your base, your “grassroot” is small and some don’t even have the core belief to do the hard thing. One example is this fella from a previous post (Some people are just the gift that keeps on giving):

And that is all you need to know about their grassroots. True belief on what we are doing is why the NRA Annual Meeting attracts tens of thousands of gun owners every year and the super-slick propaganda machine of Moms Demand cannot manage to bus in but a few dozen people.

And that is Why We Win.


Owner/Operator of this Blog. Pamphleteer De Lux. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.


  1. Well, nobody gets excited to peruse the offerings at an anti-gun show. No one goes to the anti-gun store on their way home from work to pick up some unammunition for some weekend practice at the no-guns range. No one looks forward to fall each year for anti-hunting season.

  2. In the last 8 years here in Iowa, we have attained “shall issue” and just last year we got suppressors taken of the restricted list. This last election we turned the State Senate red and we are going to present a laundry list of things we want. Constitutional carry and removing SBR’s and SBS’s from the forbidden list will probably be first up. Along with a Constitutional amendment to add a 2nd Amendment protection to the Iowa Constitution. We are one of only 6 states that do not have such a protection.

    On the national front, I’d love to see the Hughes Amendment repealed so we could buy new full auto again. I can’t afford a 14 thousand dollar M-16 and a 25 thousand plus Tommy gun is completely out of the question. Of course the Holy Grail would be the elimination of NFA34 completely along with GCA68. Machine guns should be available at any gun shop and suppressors should be in blister packs in the check out lane at Wal-Mart.

  3. OK, glossing over something important here…

    You ask: Would you invest in the gun control movement?
    He answers: No. For the same reason he does not invest in tobacco, coal, or oil.

    The head hurts a bit…

    If this guy is equating guns with tobacco because both are “bad” then he should be investing in the anti gun movement?

    No, wait…


    Is this guy saying he would not invest in coal, or oil because they are bad economic investments? (They aren’t). No.

    So, if the oil, coal, or tobacco industries are not bad investments, then….

    Gotta try this one again.

    Gun control is a bad investment. Got it.
    This guy thinks he is good at investing his money. Got it.
    He refuses to invest in industries that are a good investment, apparently because he has a moral objection to their products. (Good with the logic so far.)
    But… he refuses to invest in gun control efforts for the same reason?
    Does that mean he is morally opposed to gun control?

    No… That can’t be right.

    Damn you. Damn you. Now my head hurts. Really. Mental gymnastics. Gotta stop reading these posts.

    OK. I quit. Going out to buy some more ammo. I may tweet a copy of the receipt to this guy just to let him know us shooters are still doing what we like to do, regardless of their efforts.

    • He actually related gun *control* to tobacco, not guns themselves. He said he wouldn’t invest in gun *control* for the same reasons as not investing in tobacco, coal, or oil.

    • I’m just guessing here, but I *think* he misread the question, and was saying that he would not invest in GUNS (manufacturers, businesses, etc), for the same reason he would not invest in any of the other icky, bad-feeling, high moral ground, du jour causes.

      In other words, he was saying, “NO, I wouldn’t invest in GUNS even if they were profitable, because icky and bad. The same as I wouldn’t invest in coal, oil or tobacco, because icky and bad.”

      Either that or he really is completely and totally fucked in the head and has no idea what the hell he’s talking about.

      • That was my thought, too. He didn’t understand or parse the question correctly.

        • I kind of thought that, but then again… These folks are not exactly well known for thinking before they say things. I would not be surprised if he was adamant that he would not invest in anything that was even remotely associated with guns, regardless of what the moral implications are.

  4. What a dipshit SK45202 is. The old “I make more money than you so I am a better person than you” argument is such arrogant bullshit.

    This way of thinking is how you get guys who ruined Enron or Arthur Anderson or destroyed the economy with the housing bubble; or nanny state billionaires like Bloomberg and Zuckerberg.

    This is how the rich guy in the tribe decides he has the god given right to rule as king.

    Congrats, you made money in the market. I made something that keeps wounded veterans from being crippled for life. Tell me again how you are the better man.

    Narcissistic asshole.

    Also, with a screen name like that, I bet he’s lying too.

    • Jim and Tammy Fae Bakker made a bunch more money than I did, for a long time. They told people that they made a bunch of money because God was happy with them, and that God wanted them to be rich.
      This is called “Prosperity Theology”- the belief that attainment of material wealth means the achiever must be blessed- and it’s heresy by any measure and stupid by all means.
      Short version: The phrase “I have a lot more money than you, so I must be better at making money” may or may not be true, but the phrase “I have a lot more money than you, so I must be a better PERSON than you” is always wrong and proof that the speaker is a fool.

  5. you know what’s beautiful Miggy? Texas. My beloved Lone Star State…among the first bills to be filed in the new session in the state legislature…is constitutional carry.

  6. Obama’s reflexive abuse of “commom-sense” canards everytime he needed a handy distraction (Irs-gate) as the shiny object for the Left and LIVs at moments where his competence might be questioned (Benghazi).only served to remind those in the middle how transparently dishonest he was (F&F). Little Nanny Bloomturd squandered what littlereputation he had, and millions floggong the Faux Moms Demanding, and bought and paid for signature gatherers for “citizen” propositions in OR, WA, NV, and wiyh the Steyer brothers in CA.

    What that did was keep the well desrved fear of Executive Authority abuse in CA, CT, NY and NJ a top of mind issue, so that when HR bleated the same code words during the campaign the Silent Majority in flyover country took note, and votedto retain their civil right to self defense.

    And that is why she lost NH, FL, PA, OH, WI and won MN only by a hair.

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