A day in the life of an anti-gun idiot


I saw this originally over at Twitchy.

Yep.  She announced her intention to assault, rob, and illegally detain people who are engaged in the lawful right to open carry.  Why?  Because your open carry scares her.

See, you are paranoid and have a small penis if you want to carry a gun, and are going to end up shooting just about anybody because you are scared of your own shadow.  So you shouldn’t be able to carry a gun.

But when Jennifer is scared because of your gun in a holster, she can hurt you and take it away from you.  That’s not paranoid at all.

If she does this, I really hope it is to an off duty or plain clothes cop.  I’d pay to see that go down.

So I hopped over to Jennifer’s Twitter.  It was a treasure trove of anti-gun stupid.

Moms Demand Action has gotten into the caliber wars and is voting .40 S&W.  I think they are just trolling here because I’d never rank .380 ACP along side the good ‘ol .45, but they did.  In any case, these are the commonly available semi auto pistol cartridges sold in America.  Are they hearkening back to the days of the .25 and .32 ACP?  I doubt it, this is just plain dumb.

Speaking of dumb, this popped up in her Twitter feed:

Ah yes, door-to-door gun confiscation.  That totally a legal thing for the mayor of St. Louis to do that won’t end up in a lot of people getting killed.

But because irony isn’t dead, this popped up too:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!  Jennifer wants to illegally assault and detain lawful open carriers.  She wants the Mayor of St. Louis to confiscate legally owned guns.  She wants to deny people their civil liberties and hurt (and presumably kill if they resist) them while doing it.  But she has the audacity to be fearful that Trump is the authoritarian.





  1. I do not want to wish ill on her, but if she tries what she so bravely proposes from her kitchen table laptop, she might end up with the forceful injection of lead into her cranium.

    That would cure the stupid.

    BTW, what state does she reside in? I want to know if I have to watch out for this loon.

    • I don’t wish ill on her either. I assume this is all internet bluster. But the reason that i hope this if she does this she does it to a cop is that it will more likely be that:

      1) She survives by getting arrested instead of shot.

      2) The news of a member of MDA getting busted attacking a cop would be delicious.

      • “Why? Because your open carry scares her.”

        Point of order: She’s not ‘scared’…she’s offended.

        If she truly were scared she’d be running the other way, not assaulting you.

    • She claims to be fro St. Louis. Beware.

  2. In my state, assaulting someone with the intention of forcibly taking a gun from them is SPECIFICALLY listed as an act that justifies a lethal response.

  3. If someone tries to grab your lawfully-carried firearm, you can respond with that lawfully-carried firearm.

    That being said, I feel like Jennifer4130 is a troll account, some of her stuff is so over-the-top that I can’t fathom it being real…

    • Never underestimate the power of stupid. There are still people who think 9/11 happened because of controlled demolition because fire can’t melt steel.

      • Amazing, isn’t it, that eveven with one of the most public investigations and disaster cleanup operations in all of history, those idiots can’t show a single I-beam with blast marks on it or a single witness to the emplacement of the hundreds and hundreds of pounds of explosives it would’ve required.
        That’s one of my yardsticks of stupidity : if you believe in The Great 9/11 Plot, you’re probably an idiot about a wide variety of other things too.

        • I’ve always brought up similar points to conspiracy theorists about this. The amount of people that would have been involved in laying the charges in those buildings would have been huge. It would not have gone unnoticed. It would have taken weeks or preparation, with explosives and equipment being brought in, with huge amounts of manpower. But we’ve seen no evidence of any of that. I guess the explosives must have appeared magically via the will of the Illuminati.

          • Hollywood lies about explosives even worse than it lies about guns. In movies, all you need to take out an I beam is a little black box the size of a hard pack of Marlboros with a little walkie-talkie antenna on top (bonus points for a tiny flashing red light bulb or a countdown timer). In Hollywood, an overnight suitcase can hold enough HE to take out an office building.
            There is no excuse for believing Hollywood on this: YouTube is full of videos showing just how complicated and time consuming it is for professionals to rig a building for detonation. But the Truthers need to believe in the Secret Lizard Masters conspiracy, because if there isn’t one it means that they were and are wrong about their whole worldview.

  4. 1) if you see someone carrying pepper spray- shoot them. They may have intent to assault you.

    2) larger calibers gain popularity with magazine limitations… and bans on “Saturday night specials”

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