How to make enemies and influence people

My day started by seeing a listicle put out by Buzzfeed and produced by two Buzzfeed editors (not guest articles) titled 19 School Powerpoint Presentations That Give Zero Fucks.

This could be fun.  It turned out to be one of the most racist things I have seen online this year.  Here are some of the presentations being celebrated by Buzzfeed.  The rest were about the same.


White people are a plague, the destroyers of society, and should have stayed in their homelands.

OK, you want to play that game.  How about this article from The Trace: Chicago Isn’t Even Close to Being the Gun Violence Capital of the United States, More than a dozen cities have higher rates of shootings and homicides.  Chicago might have over 700 homicides (to date), but it is a big city and overall the homicide rate is low.  This is the chart that The Trace put out for homicide rate.

Let see now, New Orleans is 61.2% black.  Detroit is 84.3% black.  St. Louis is 46.9% black.  Baltimore is 63.3% black.  In fact, of that whole list every city but Stockton, CA had a higher percentage of black people than the national average of 13.2%, and with the exception of Stockton and Tulsa, every city on that list was over 25% black.  Who is really plaguing society.

No.  That’s not right.  That’s the kind of argument I’d read on Stormfront.  I’m better than that.  Calm down.  This is a complex issue that involves layers of economic issues, bad education policy, and years of mismanagement by Democratic city councils.  Reducing it to race is just wrong.

Let’s find something else to read.

Here’s How Black People Could Use Jury Nullification To Break The Justice System.


Maybe it’s time for black people to use the same tool white people have been using to defy a system they do not consent to: jury nullification. White juries regularly refuse to convict or indict cops for murder…Maybe it’s time minorities got in the game?

Black people lucky enough to get on a jury could use that power to acquit any person charged with a crime against white men and white male institutions. It’s not about the race of the defendant, but if the alleged victim is a white guy, or his bank, or his position, or his authority: we could acquit. Assault? Acquit. Burglary? Acquit. Insider trading? Acquit.  Murder? … what the hell do you think is happening to black people out here? What the hell do you think we’re complaining about when your cops shoot us or choke us? Acquit.  Black people ARE BEING MURDERED, and the system isn’t doing a damn thing to hold their killers accountable. Sorry I’m not sorry if this protest idea would put the shoe on the other foot for a change.

Holy shit!  This is a[n] (black) attorney arguing that black jurors should nullify juries for black defendants accused of murdering white people.

Traditionally, I’m a fan of jury nullification.  Nullification is one of those last checks and balances in our judicial system.  If a person is guilty of a law, but the people on the jury feel that the law itself is unfair, they can refuse to convict.

To apply jury nullification to black defendants accused of killing white people means that this attorney think that laws against killing white people are unfair.  Give blacks who kill white people carte blanche to do so because some black people have been killed by white cops.  Racial vengeance is now law.

There is only one way to stop this from happening.  We have to have white only juries for black defendants.  Then they can’t nullify.

No.  That’s not right.  That was how they did that under Jim Crow.  This is just this one guy’s opinion.  It would be wrong to bring back segregation.

OK.  What else is there online to read.

OSU group says terrorist wrongly killed, claim justice can’t ‘come from a cop’s bullet.’

WTF?  This OSU group actually linked Abdul Razak with #BlackLivesMatter and #SayHisName.  These people are arguing that a cop shooting an ISIS inspired radical Islamist who ran over and stabbed 11 people in a terrorist attack, in the middle of that attack was tantamount to a cop shooting an unarmed black man in the back?  Stopping a terrorist in the middle of a terrorist attack, and probably saving a lot of lives, is not justice?   Than what the hell form does justice take?  Arresting him and letting people who sent this tweet nullify the jury during his trial?  Why not?  What is wrong with giving black Muslims a free pass to commit terrorism as long as the only casualties are white people?

Forget a ban on Muslim immigration.  Just kill these people on sight.  How am I supposed to know if Abdul is going to butter his toast or stab a dozen people.  Let’s not take the chance of his being released after a mistrial on nullification, lets string him up now.

No.  That’s not right.  We can’t go about lynching Muslims.  That’s wrong and against what this country stands for.  Calm down.

This  is the problem with these Social Justice assholes.  I want to be a reasonable person.  I really do.  But since I’m not a liberal, I don’t take too well to racial grievance guilt.  I’m not going to start self loathing and running around giving money away to random black people in a mea culpa because of what some people who had the same skin tone as me did more than half a century ago.

What has Buzzfeed, Above the Law, and the special snowflakes at OSU have done?  Make me sound like a god damn Skinhead until I got my blood pressure under control.

This needs to stop.  Forget the “this is how you get Trump” meme.  This is how you get The Birth of a Nation with the Klan heroically coming to the rescue.

The Left needs to tamp this shit down and bring the SJW’s under control for the future of this nation.  God help us if they don’t


3 Replies to “How to make enemies and influence people”

  1. “The Left needs to tamp this shit down and bring the SJW’s under control for the future of this nation. God help us if they don’t.”

    They quite literally cannot. The left has proclaimed, “This is The Truth, and any who deny The Truth are enemies at best, but more likely traitors to the great and noble The Truth.” They proclaimed it loudly and long, and got this idea ingrained in a sizeable minority of the population. To go back on it now would only inspire the SJW Snowflake Generation to turn on them as treacherous to the cause, and therefore something to be destroyed.

    They must keep on their track or face the teeth of the very hounds they have trained and unleashed upon the rest of us. They know the pack is driving them towards the ideological bayonets of their opponents, but cannot turn back or even pause, lest their own “troops” destroy them as traitors.

    Machiavelli is going to get fat from all the popcorn he’s munching while watching this show…


  2. That chart is very misleading. Last I checked, tulsa has only had around 75 murders this year. Comparing that to Chiraq’s 700, I have to call bullshit.



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