Big Brother Uncle Sam

There are two articles, one on guns and one on Obamacare, that together struck me as representative of a terrible zeitgeist.

The first is I Shouldn’t Have Been Able to Buy A Gun (And I Shouldn’t Have Needed To).  In it, a young woman buys a gun because she is scared of her abusive boyfriend.  She mentions that 18 months before buying a gun, she was depressed and suicidal.  She was, however, not adjudicated mentally ill.  Her treatment seems voluntary.

She is upset that the police did not go out of their way to protect her from her abusive boyfriend and that she needed a gun for protection.  She, like many people, seems to not know about Castle Rock v. Gonzalez in which the US Supreme Court declared that police have no duty to protect anybody against a specific threat.

She ends her article with this:

What I got, instead, was dropped off at my house by the detectives without them even searching the house first to make sure my boyfriend wasn’t inside. What I got, instead, was turned away. What I got, instead, was a gun.

And if a woman with a history of attempting to kill someone, even if it’s herself, and a woman who has been in a psychiatric hospital, and a woman who, it was clear to a stranger, was “in trouble,” can get a gun, then who can’t?

The second article is I Was One Of Those Women Who Couldn’t Afford Birth Control — & I Got Pregnant.  In it, the young woman is a college student and part time worker and she has unprotected sex, gets pregnant, and has an abortion.  She blames her public school education for not teaching her enough about birth control in sex ed.  She blames her friends for giving her bad advice.  Ultimately, she blames the Federal Government for not subsidizing her birth control and insinuates that the lack of government funded birth control is racist.

The only people she doesn’t blame for her pregnancy are her and her boyfriend.

She ends her article with:

This won’t be the last time you hear from me and the advocates who work tirelessly to make sure access to reproductive health care, including abortion, is protected and expanded. Having the ability to decide if, when, and how to become a parent is crucial to our ability to fully participate in society. We hope you’ll soon realize that.

Together we can truly make America, and abortion access, great again.

What do these two articles have in common?  Both of these women, very much believing that they speak on behalf of millennials, are angry that the US Federal Government didn’t act like a doting parent.

The Second Amendment doesn’t exist to protect you from yourself when it comes to guns.

The Treasury doesn’t exist to protect you from making irresponsible decisions.

These young women wanted the government to step in an stop them from their own actions and take away any culpability they have for their own mistakes.

These young women feel the yoke of government on them is a security blanket.

There is no way this type of mentality ends well.  We will all lose our rights to the handful of people that need the government to nanny them.


15 Replies to “Big Brother Uncle Sam”

  1. There is no amount of legislation that will imbue people with a little bit of common sense or help them to not associate with shitty people. These people don’t understand that; of course of they did they wouldn’t be looking for the government to “do its job”.

    She lives in South Philly and goes to Delaware to buy a handgun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I smell manure and I am not following a cow.

  3. “These young women feel the yolk of government on them is a security blanket. “White

    And, won’t the second have egg on her face, when she learns birth control pills, cost less than her (daddy’s) cell phone bill each month? But, “I am fierce! I am powerful! I am womyn!” reltney_mcfee@yahoo.comreltney

  4. “feels that the YOKE of government is a security blanket…” (yolk is food).

    And yes, because all governments lust for ultimate power over those they govern, these kinds of people give them the way to usurp our rights. Your point is well made.

  5. If she wants a medical roadblock to buying a gun, it involves what is tantamount to a huge privacy violation. Does she want everyone’s medical records shared with the government as matter of course? Does she really want the Feds having knowledge every time she props herself up into the stirrups at the OB/GYN? Because to get what she wants for guns, that is what it is gonna take.

  6. It all boils down to “I want to be able to do whatever the heck I want, when I want and with whom I want, and someone else should bear the consequences for me.”
    They both will fight tooth and nail to keep anyone else from telling them what to do.or restricting their irresponsible behavior. But will insist that everyone else pay the price for their failures.

  7. Guys, please don’t think all of us Millennials are this dumb and nanny-state loving. Some of us voted for Trump, believe in hard work, and want Uncle Sam to stay out of our lives as much as they possibly can. I read the the second story and it angers me to no end, and I’ve seen it a lot out of my generation; a complete lack of a sense of responsibility and self-control.

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