And the winner of the 2016 Trump Derangement Syndrome is…

Dear Salon: Trump swears in as president in 35 days. Just a reminder.


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  1. Doesn’t matter. In 6 months we’ll hear ‘Trump bombed civilians’ repeated as fact.

  2. Not only that, their own article says the picture is from a suicide bomber in March 2016:

  3. Look, if Obama can get the Nobel peace prize for the “promise” he represented, even though he did not actually do a single thing. And, the folks on the left think that was perfectly justified.

    The same logic will apply to the upcoming President. There is no reason why Trump should not get blamed for things he has not done.

    The only difference is that Obama was “one of them” therefore credit is given, whereas the folks from the other side deserve nothing but blame.

  4. BO is STILL blaming Bush… Do you really expect the MSM to change and actually DO real reporting???

  5. I would counter with Mr. Trump needs to bomb a lot more people a whole bunch more. I’m talking back to the Stone Age.

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