The Millennial Clown Show: “I am more oppressed than you!”

In one of the larger workshops, one of the students raised a question about why the only issues being discussed were those involving anti-blackness, prompting an African-American student to respond that black students are the most oppressed, to which a Muslim student made a comment about her people being bombed in the Middle East, according to Alvarez.

“I am very unhappy about how this conference was ran. There needs to be accountability for the trauma some of the organizers made. And I didn’t appreciate my workshop being cancelled,” wrote UCLA student Robert Gardner. “… It was really hurtful to have other marginalized identities silenced because a small fringe of organizers decided that their oppressions are more important

Source: Students of Color Conference turns into ‘oppression Olympics,’ leads to fights, canceled sessions – The College Fix

I am just trying to figure out how are they going to create Safe Spaces inside Safe Spaces… Safe Sub-Spaces?


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  1. I’m thinking it will require experimental warp technology, similar to what is used in Doom Guy’s back pack.

  2. Clearly cisgendered white males are the most oppressed; after all, no one oppresses them, which means they don’t get to have workshops, conferences, marches, safe spaces, and so forth. Everyone else gets to have them. That’s unfair!

  3. All we really need to know about the whole mess is that the most toxic, hate-filled forum on the entire internet isn’t 4-Chan or Stormfront, it’s a Feminist board where the mod staff went out of control ensuring that nobody could ever post something offensive ever.

  4. I think I saw this in a documentary from years ago called “P.C.U.”.

  5. If you follow the links to Robert Gardner’s thread on Facebook, he also says this:

    “Nor did I appreciate one of the organizers calling my friend a bitch because of the chants she was told to say.”

    So, your friend was simply parroting what she was told to say? Did she not consider the implications of what she was saying or whether they were valid? Did she not have a choice to not say them? Finally, is she one?

  6. “Oft Evil Will shall Evil mar.”

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