Schadenfreude Files: Anti-Gun Net Titans sued by Pulse victims’ family.


SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook, Google and Twitter are being sued by the families of three victims slain in the mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub for allegedly providing “material support” to the Islamic State.

Source: Facebook, Twitter, Google sued by Orlando shooting victims’ families

Stop laughing… OK, never mind. We know the lawsuit is not going anywhere. But it is funny as hell and full of rich, creamy schadenfreude.  The lawyers for the Big Techs will claim they are doing their due diligence and show the records on how they stopped really dangerous people like Milo and other Conservative voices which is a “good first step.” I bet they will also argue that targeting ISIS and other Jihadist entities could be considered racial profiling and that potentially could violate Federal law.

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  1. I’d love for them to claim that targeting ISIS would be racial profiling, because an adroit lawyer will then point out that by giving someone a pass based on their skin color, you’re…

    racially profiling.



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