Why don’t just use tasers/pepper spray?

Because of this:

At least three taser guns, no idea how many discharges plus probably half a can of pepper spray and three cops for an arrest that took six minutes to accomplish.

Not saying that Less Lethal is not a good idea, I am all for the conservation of life if possible. But we cannot depend on Less Lethal to be the only resource and we need to train on its usage and how to react if it were to fail. You would like kind of stupid being beaten up or worse because you sprayed an attacker, the guy did not react the way you expected and you froze because you programmed yourself for the best outcome instead of the worse.


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  1. I used to know a guy who used to zap himself with one of those handheld tasers, just because he was bored. After a while they didn’t really stop him anymore.

  2. So without audio, the guy mostly just looks like he’s being belligerent, frankly displaying a remarkable level of self-control not fighting back and just trying to walk away (which admittedly isn’t as great an idea with police as with regular civilians), and the cops just start unloading everything they’ve got on him?

    In the meantime, Officer 2: WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!? Guy’s got his back to you, completely unaware, and you decided SHOVING HIM INTO YOUR BUDDY was the best course of action? Maybe try something that gains you the upper hand next time. I know grappling is messy work, but at least you could have ended up with a mostly annoyed guy in cuffs on the floor instead of drenched in pepper spray in the parking lot.

  3. Damn, Florida Man is a tough cookie.

    I couldn’t read the vehicle tags to see what state this is, but I hope FL keeps Florida Man south of GA, AL and MS. We have our own freaks to deal with.

    Oh and bystanders, go ahead and do not GTFO when freak draws taser fire where there’s a 50%+ chance of violent actions coming to a table near you. Real smart.

    • Riverdale, Maryland.

      Totally agree about the bystanders. Holy crap, clear a lane instead of fingering your phone or munching down on your $2 lunch.

    • Sad but true fact: Everyone believes it won’t happen to them. Whatever bad thing “it” might be, it won’t happen to them.; The realization that there’s no particular reason “it” CAN’T happen to you, and that “it” may in fact do so… is the beginning of wisdom.

  4. The entire reason for carrying multiple tools covering the FULL continuum of force is to be able to de-escalate OR escalate as the situation demands, and do so instantly.

    Not training for all conceivable outcomes is a failure on the officers’ parts. If they had mastered all their tools, from empty-handed “come-alongs” to lethal force, with no gaps, these situations would not happen.

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