Liberals Buying Guns: What can go wrong?

“Come for the fear Panic, stay for the Freedom.”
in Palette
Sean Sorrentino.

A lot of people in our side are welcoming the new influx of gun owners from the Liberal side. I am a bit more wary about it because I do not see yet the “software” part of the gun culture properly added to the new mixture. And I do not mean knowing the meaning of the Second Amendment or having memorized quotes from Federalists or to explain all the amicus curiae briefs from McDonald’s, but something much simpler: The basic tenets Self-Defense laws.

It is that a new group of people are becoming Gun Owners without knowledge about Self Defense Laws, the problem resides id that what they know about Self Defense laws was obtained by the Media they watched.

We have our share of dumb-asses that have interpreted laws to what they think is more beneficial to them only to end up in prison and their cases used as examples of “Don’t do this, stupid!” And again, for the most part, our newbies have smartly discarded what the Media says and turned to places where good info might be found such as (I can’t believe I am gonna say this) Gun Forums (shudder) and even Gun Blogs like this. Although we know they are not the perfect source of information, they are also places where a content is challenged, brutally peer-reviewed and alternative answers presented. If anything, we are not Global Warmer Cultists but accept argument….hell, we might embrace it a bit too much!

I know some are just shaking their head at what they consider an exaggeration on my part. Allow me to remind you that the Liberal Instructional on Self Defense comes from sources like the New York Times, New York Daily News and closer to home the Tampa Bay Times and the Miami Herald. Now remember all the insidious lies and purposefully misinformation about laws like Stand Your ground and Castle Doctrine we have covered here and realize that has been the only source the new Liberal Gun Owners had and trust. How many times these titans of the public trust have told their readers they could be their own Nazi Einsatzgruppen, kill people without fear of legal punishment by just saying the words “Stand Your Ground!” Remember arguments you had with some anti gunner about the Zimmerman case? OK, he or she is packing heat now. Did I get your attention?

The solution? Spread the word, the true legal word about when and where to use guns for self-defense. It starts lowly and small, but we address those Liberal friends we know by simply gifting them with the best books in the subject. Yes, gifts, don’t be a cheap ass****. And don’t consider them gifts but investments in safety and the well-being of families that will not be subjected to the ordeal of having to fight in court (and the media) a bad shooting. I will go to my two defaults Authors: Massad Ayoob and Andrew Branca perennial recommendations and since both have the books on Kindle format, yours will be an almost instant gift.

Don’t be pushy about them learning the law. Just present them with the material, ask them to take 30 minutes of their time as a favor to you reading to books. Then, leave them to their own devices as you have more than fulfilled your due diligence on a new gun owner.  If they choose to learn more and come back to you, great! You do want to take that responsibility of at least guide them into the right path and avoid politics as they are not what needs to be addressed at this time. If they get the gifts but discard them because they “feel” it is BS or propaganda? Don’t get mad, they are adults and just send me the news link if they fuck up so I can use them as example NOT to do.

And, of course, our own “software update” never ends. Laws keep changing and we need to discard the old code and learn the new one.

Have fun and be safe.


Owner/Operator of this Blog. Pamphleteer De Lux. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.


  1. Thanks, Miguel! Trust you and yours had a merry and safe Christmas!

  2. Good idea, Miguel! Thanks for the book suggestions!
    U S Law Shield offers legal seminars in small groups in most states. If you are covered by a Law Shield membership the cost is only 5 bucks, and 10 bucks for non-members. I attended my first one recently and there was two hours of presentation from an attorney who specializes in self- defense cases and a retired LEO with over 20 years active duty, and a lot of Q&A. The attorney mentioned that the Q&A is always different and recommended attending other seminars as they are offered, which I plan to do. Just another way to get accurate advice! You can drag your newly armed liberal-ish friend to one and even offer to pay the fee. They will hear good info and meet other gun folks as well. Just an idea.

    • Agree with the seminars, but they get to pay for them. My Holiday cheer only goes so far…LOL

      • Pay for the seminar, but make them drive you to the seminar?
        Or buy lunch?

        Whatever works, and not just for the liberal types. Don’t forget your friend with the permit that doesn’t do training classes also.

  3. Excellent points and suggestions! I’d had the same concerns about the legal knowledge (sic) of folks who’ve gotten their information from anti-gun media.

  4. And not only the legal aspects of self-defense, but also the 4 safety rules. Remember, these people have the ingrained attitude that THEY are special and rules don’t apply to them. And when one or more of em shoots themselves in the leg or shoots someone else because of their own stupidity, they will blame the EEEVIIIIL GUN instead of their own negligence.

    • They do need the Range Time, no doubt. I just wanted to point out that is the muscle between the ears that is tha hardest one to train because the operator cam be dumb as rocks and target-fixated. And we have seen plenty of that in or side.

  5. Mrs Pod and I both got Kindles for Christmas. We’re voracious readers but unfortunately time constraints and the dearth of serviceable bookstores in the area mean we haven’t read as much as we liked. The Kindle app on the iPad is great, but the iPad is ill-suited to reading. Too bright and plus with the Notifications, you get distracted. Enter the Paperwhite. It does one thing (displays text for reading) and it does it well. Oddly enough, one of my first downloads to it was Ayoob’s Deadly Force. The Kindle library my wife and I have is shared, so she’ll get to read it too…

  6. comradewhoopie : December 26, 2016 at 2:50 pm

    25 years ago when I first got my CCW a libtard at work overheard me telling my friends. He came over and said “So, you can kill anyone you want now.” I said “No, it’s not a license to kill.” to which he replied “Then what good is it?”

  7. I’m pretty sure that for most Leftist who are panic buying, the guns will sit unused in the closet for about a year, then will be sold at a loss once the panic dies down.
    Others will become the Gun Culture 2.0 versions of Fudds- guns for me, but not for thee

    But I’m going to believe that we won’t be seeing “Blood in da streets”, even from our newly armed leftist, for the same reason that we haven’t seen it from Cleetus. Even though all Cleetus knows about self defense laws is derp he heard at the gun counter of the “Iffin you shoot somebody, better drag them into yer house” variety.

  8. I look forward to a swelling chorus of, “I’m a gun owner and I WANT more gun control!”

  9. Remember their go to source is also their VPOTUS and his advice to “Fire two shotgun blasts in the air or through the door.”

    I welcome them in principle, but fear them like a wild white belt katate student. Expect a few more NDs and surprise prison terms.

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