Cops reject free training. The Dumb is still strong within The Blue.

No more police/security contract classes for Active Response Training. I’ve decided not to conduct any more contract police/security classes in the future. To be honest, many of the cop classes I’ve taught over the last 18 years have been complete disappointments. Even though the cops I’m teaching have the potential to use the skills I am imparting on a daily basis, few take the class work seriously. The majority of officers are grumpy, they don’t want to work, and aren’t excited about learning the material. Security guards are even worse.

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This ticks me off. Putting aside the judiciary responsibility that public employees have about any kind of misused tax money, the fact that cops would not care for life-saving training is maddening. I guess the stupid notion of  “I have a badge know. I am at the pinnacle of gunfighting.” is unfortunately alive and well.

And I heard all the damned excuses: They don’t have the time, they have a hard job, they don’t see the family enough, etc. All bullshit, specially the family part since I am sure they would not be happier if you get killed because you could not outshoot a criminal because you wanted to sleep late the weekend you were supposed to take the training and did not.

Not saying that all cops are like this. If anything I am seeing more officers going outside their department and taking classes on their own dime.  But it is disappointing that so many still remain nonchalant about it. I am sure the readers of this blog would go “Free training with Greg Ellifritz? Yes please! Where the hell do I sign? What do you mean it is the weekend of our wedding anniversary? It is FREE TRAINING!”

We never stop learning, we cannot afford to do so since lives are at stake, mainly ours.

Don’t be this guy:



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  1. This is sad and scary. And proves the point that we can use to counter the progressive notion that “only the police and the military should have guns since they are trained…”

    Sadly, a significant minority of cops and soldiers see the weapons entrusted to their care as a burden more than a useful tool. Now, I know there’s plenty of cops who take care of their guns and stay competent, but it’s been said that if one were to ever spot-check a police sidearm, there’s a fair chance it is in pretty bad shape. Dirty and worn down. And their training isn’t up to snuff either. They “cram” for their qualifications rather than staying competent year round. And it’s sad because in a lot of places, cops get free access to a range, and often will get free ammo as well.

    If I had free range time and free ammo, I’d be in the bay at least once a week, even if I only managed to fire off 100 rounds. Fortunately my wife would approve and be right next to me. We both carry and we both lament the fact that shooting and training time is at a premium for us.

  2. OldFatTexasWhiteGuy : December 27, 2016 at 12:04 pm

    Hah! Training on the Weekend of my Anniversary? The wife would be thrilled, as long as she was able to go. And would take my place if she wasn’t!

  3. I have a hunch it’s less to do with not caring about your skills/equipment and more to do with the badge = power bit that most cops (I’ve encountered) have. Very much a “Respect mah authoriteh” deal.

    I’ve known like 2 cops who do their jobs… and the rest act like they’re judge and jury. The badge is worse than the gun when it comes to safety.

    • The badge is worse than the gun when it comes to safety.

      Word. A safe person with a gun can still be trusted to be a safe person. A violent or dangerous person can’t be trusted to be safe with a screwdriver or box cutter, let alone a gun.

      Unfortunately, our society has allowed and even encouraged some of the most dangerous among us to wear badges and carry guns. Not speaking for all LEOs by any means, but definitely some.

  4. This also applies to military personnel. The true cause of “bad habits” and “training scars” is apathy and ignorance.

    I appreciate that some (most?) law enforcement and military personnel aren’t enthusiasts. Shooting and fitness aren’t their hobbies, just a required part of the job. What is bothersome and leaves a potential for actual problems is failing to recognize how novice many personnel are while incorrectly assuming they are trained experts. On test revealed that Academy-trained police are only 13% more skilled than complete novices:

    Yet, personnel choosing to participate in and perform well at organized events are blamed for “bad habits” and “training scars”.

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