Liberal self reliance


I’m on vacation.  I’ll get back to longer posts here soon.  In the mean time…

My sister showed me this video.  It is of some of the BuzzFeed twerps using knives.

It is an orgy of evidence reinforcing every negative stereotypes about Liberals.

Two of them look like they majored in Precolonial Trans-Gender Cave Paintings, and neither of them can wield a knife like they have ever used a tool in their lives.  One fully admits that she (looking like she would get mad at me if I assumed her gender and pronoun) “don’t use knives very often.”

These are hands used to doing nothing more than tweeting about microagressions from an iPhone.

Whatever tool using genes our Homo Habilis ancestors put into us, liberals have effectively bred out of themselves.

I’m actually embarrassed for them.



  1. Is this supposed to be one of those “film clueless people and have the audience laugh at them” videos?


  2. "lee n. field" : December 27, 2016 at 4:53 pm

    I could see one of them fumbling and cutting themselves to the bone with the good knife.

  3. I don’t mind getting somebody who does not know, but is willing to learn. But the young woman seem to bask on her own idiocy and carry it with honor.

  4. Watching the third person flail about with that innocent Shun makes me want to weep.

  5. The lady with the long hair has a clue, I’d be glad to cook with her. If either of the other two step one foot near my Zwillig Professionals, they gonna see me demonstrate some knife skills, you bet.

  6. Jen and her psychotic chopping is an abomination to all blades, and she will stay away from any and all of my knives if she doesn’t want to become suddenly intimate with them!

  7. The “advanced” woman was spot on. If you’re not going to keep it sharp (and that means knowing how to keep it sharp), then don’t spend money on a good knife.

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