The Madness of Chicago in Christmas.

Pretty well summarized by this meme:


You wonder if Chicago is beyond help by now. Although the rest of Illinois is not under the brutal urban warfare, I wonder how long will it take to spread. In fact I am wondering how come it is not already going though other cities like Genghis Khan and Company.

I did a couple of collages from Moms and Brady to show that perhaps the problem is not only the gangs that are running selected parts of the cities, but the mindset of certain part of the populations that is over-represented in the halls of power of the city of Chicago. The stupidity of contradictions and misconceptions is killing people wholesale, but as long as the emotional investment in politics is not threatened, the lives of those in the rally bad areas of the Windy City can be allowed to be wasted.




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  1. And in other news,

    “As Chicago grapples with a surge in killings and a mistrust of law enforcement stemming from police shootings, the number of arrests in the city has fallen by 28 percent versus last year, a Chicago Sun-Times analysis finds.”

    “Arrests have fallen in every major crime category included in the city’s online database, from theft to aggravated battery with a handgun — the most common charge for a nonfatal shooting.”

    “The decline in arrests is welcomed by civil rights groups.

    “Our perspective is: The fewer people in jail, the better it is for our communities,” says Deangelo Bester, executive director of the Workers Center for Racial Justice, which focuses on access to jobs.”


  2. Remember, everyone: whoever is in charge of prosecuting the federal firearm violations in Chicago is deliberately NOT prosecuting those thousands of arrestees. Chicago was dead last out of 90 districts nationwide that were assessed on this point. Only a handful of federal prosecutions. My coworkers couldn’t believe these stats. “Why?” They asked. Why don’t they prosecute? Ask the attorney general, I said. The liberals were numbed and silent.



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