WTF is wrong with people?


Twitchy covered this piece in the Daily Kos, Why Trump voters are not welcome in my house this holiday.

Another anti-Trump, butthurt liberal is canceling his holiday party because he doesn’t want to be in the same room with people who might have voted for Trump.

We couldn’t invite only the few people we knew who conformed to our sense of decency.  We weren’t even sure where some of our neighbors stood. So we cancelled the whole affair.  In fact, I went further.  I told my tennis group, whom I had known for years, I would no longer be playing with them, since most were Trump supporters. I stated that I could not socialize with people who lacked a moral compass which I consider fundamental to being American.  What has brought about such an extreme reaction in me, to the point of cutting off relationships and ceasing activities that I enjoy?  It’s really not that complicated.

Some Hillary supporting douche wants to ruin all of his friendships and show everybody he knows just how much of a sanctimonious, hateful asshole he really is because his candidate didn’t win the electoral college.  So what?

The answer is: never read the comments.

Lets encourage children to break off friendships and not talk to distant relatives because of Trump.

I wonder if she’s going to hold this grudge until her parents dead bed? I don’t think she’ll ever regret that decision.

It is totally healthy to love Hillary Clinton more than your own mother and brother.

Not just parents and siblings but CHILDREN TOO.  I guess if your kids don’t vote the way you want, it is good parenting to write them off as dead to you.

At least fhandar saved money on Christmas presents this year.

She’s bragging about the fact that she went off the anti-Trump rails before the election.  Never mind burning the bridge after the votes came in.  She nuked it preemptively.  Anything less than 100% of the popular vote going to Hillary is unacceptable.

Kalisiin is back.  It it completely wrong, inhuman. and un-Americana to dislike people because they are black, gay, trans, Muslim, or any other sort of minority.  Openly hating and despising people and thinking of them and treating them as less than human because they voted for Trump… well that is just the patriotic thing to do.

I see all of this and have to as, WTF is wrong we people.

I can’t imaging breaking off long term friendships over an election, but breaking ties with parents, siblings, and children because of Trump sounds like a mental problem.

My sister is an avowed communist and loves to lecture us about her communist ideologies.  It makes some family dinners awkward, but she’s still invited home for the holidays.

I’m a father.  I love my son.  The idea of having a disagreement with him over presidential candidates that makes me want to never see him again is inconceivable.

There is something very, very  wrong with these people.  This type of liberalism really is a mental disorder.



  1. “Childish” and “petulant” are a couple of adjectives that come to mind. Yes, there are others, but this are sufficient without resorting to their level of rhetoric.

    What the heck — I’ll add another: “liars.” Just like the church arson and hijab-ripping hoaxes, I bet this never happened (excerpt from the HuffPo piece): “Then, my company’s COO, a Chinese American, told me how his small children were distraught, and in tears that morning. Children in their preschool had bullied them with comments such as: ‘your father is going to be killed because he didn’t vote for Trump’, and ‘you are going to be kicked out of the country’. This in Coppell, Texas, a wealthy suburb. These remarks were directed at third generation American citizens, by small children, obviously channeling their parents.” Yeah, sure, as if preschoolers said this.

  2. Projection!

    The Hildabeast is probably the most corrupt, evil, power hungry person on the Earth and they want to tell us we lack a moral compass?

    Hey Hildabeast whores, STFU!

  3. This is more sad than anything. I can’t imagine being a situation where a family member would disavow me because I voted for the opposing candidate for president. That would be heartbreaking.

  4. Samuel L. Bronkowitz : December 28, 2016 at 1:45 pm

    The day after the election I was at relative’s house helping with some household upgrades. This relative hated Trump with a passion and the immediate (one sided) discourse was the now familiar ‘end of the world, how could this have happened’ crap. About a half-hour later couple of said relative’s friends stopped by and soon I was hearing that crap in triplicate. The guests even tried to get me to join in apparently assuming I was a Trump hater too. “In one ear and out the other” was the day’s mantra. That was probably one of the few times in my life I could be accused of having anything resembling decorum because I’ll be damned if I lose my relationship with a loved one over a couple of worthless air-suckin’ politicians.

    • I have been thinking a post about the emotional investment that some had in the Democrat party, Hillary and Bernie. It is cult-like and scary.

      BTW, I think it is a shame your movie did not get those well deserved Oscars… just my humble opinion. 😀

      • Samuel L. Bronkowitz : December 28, 2016 at 4:01 pm

        Great subject for a post. To my way of thinking emotional investment comes from trust and all these Dems, top to bottom, were dumb enough to trust that everything the Democratic spin machine was cranking out was true.

        The Oscars just don’t appreciate fine cinema do they?

  5. Looking at Angela’s Oct. 26 facebook rant, I decided to swap out a word or two and see if it fits.

    I replaced Trump with Obama, and the rant worked just fine. Especially the bits about wanting to be king, and not knowing anything about the Constitution.

    Then, I realized that no one on the conservative side of the aisle would have written anything so ridiculous.

    And, both of those things made me happy.

  6. Yep, the meltdowns continue… They really cannot believe their ‘precious’ didn’t get in…

  7. Let’s be honest: If someone cuts you out of their life because you voted for Trump (or, in the case of many of us, against Hillary), you’re better off without them. If they’re that bigoted and angry, they were going to excommunicate you eventually. Better sooner than later.

  8. These morons will find themselves very lonely. Its funny how they think trump is the bad guy who will “destroy this country” when we have had 8 years of destruction from the golf vaction in chief. We are more divided than ever. The kind compassionat tolarent liberals are finally showing their true colors. Wah, poor babies. WE the People need to stay strong and work together. I say isolate the liberals, 2 can play that game. Ignore them, live your life your way. We had a propane dealer here who said he will not deliver to anyone who voted for Trump, 58 percent of the county hes in voted for Trump. Good idea, piss off over half the county…turns out he hasnt had a license for 2 years..

  9. Just think at least now we know when the world will end, got to go I have a lot to get done before then.

  10. Cemetery's Gun Blob : December 29, 2016 at 5:30 pm

    2016, the year that the philosophy of ‘1984’ in the democrat party became visible to all.

    Party before people.

  11. Man…that last one….will not stand by while others are maligned/put down/discriminated against etc etc blah blah in perpetuity etc. Does that include all the Christians who have been forced to close down their business for standing up for their beliefs? All the “clingers” in the middle of the country who stand by their beliefs and the Constitution? Oh….wait….nope, that’s just those who believe the “right” things. Effin’ hypocrite.

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