Diminished Returns.

“I may very well be done with political giving entirely,” said John Morgan, an Orlando attorney and one of Clinton’s top fundraisers in Florida. “My message to anyone reading this is, ‘Don’t call me, I’ll call you.’ From here on out, I’m giving to charities. I’d much rather give money to build a new Boys & Girls Club than to give to the [Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee].”

Source: Tired Dem donors feel like their money got burned | TheHill

Hillary Clinton and her supporters spent a record $1.2 billion for her losing presidential campaign — twice as much as the winner, Donald Trump, according to the latest records.

Source: Hillary Clinton’s losing campaign cost a record $1.2B | New York Post

This is an old post that I had in the Draft folder for three weeks and now dovetails beautifully with Bloomberg’s folly in Nevada. In terms of money, 2016 has been a killer for the Gun Control side. The Brady lawsuits have ended mostly in having their clients having to pay for the crappy trial and lawyer costs. They claim they now have a top line-up of NY lawyers that will work pro-bono, but I figure they lawyers think they will get court costs and inflated fees from whomever they sue….if they win or reach a settlement and the plaintiff has oodles of money which most of the gun companies do not have. Heck I do believe the lawyers think they are about to sue Boeing or McDonnell Douglass or GM weapon’s divisions when they are just going to go after the gun equivalent of a shade-tree mechanic.   CSGV lost one of his effective fundraisers to a LGBQTGSKUNGDE (etc) Gun Control group which pretty much has done nothing but be a punchline. Even Moms is spending more time trying to get funded by the not-so-grassroots-followers than actually influencing “important” people.

And yes, Bloomberg is a billionaire and so is Soros, but they like money first. If they were true believer, they would have snatched up Freedom Group when it was for sale cheap some years ago and kill gun manufacturing for civilians for good or at least buying into the Retirement Funds that were divesting any involvement in Gun Manufacturing, but they did not because they would have taken a loss.

Both of them will eventually get tired of losing money, at least that is my hope. I do see a shake up in the hierarchy of the Gun Control movements as Shannon Watts is becoming more irrelevant with that well established reputation of not doing press shows unless she controls all the aspects. Media likes sparks from time to time and her refusal to have a debate with people from the other side of the equation makes her look bad. Somebody new needs to come up from somewhere and the best available so far is George Takei who is becoming a bad internet joke.

So, I can’t give you any predictions for the next year other than, them Gun Control Assholes will not give up yet. Right now, our own worse enemy might be ourselves when we decide we want everything done the day after inauguration. Let’s work slowly and surely both at the Federal and State Level.

And please, use the same level of energy to fight the late-comers that want to cash in on the Second Amendment fight. They will be as damaging as Moms Demand with a full budget. Do not send them money, do not make them welcome… in fact, make it rather nasty and uncomfortable for these idiots.

That is all. I’ll probably take another couple of days off. I’ll leave some funny stuff in auto delivery.

Happy New Year!

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  1. So the lawyer finally realized donating to charity will do a lot better to help the poor than donating to political campaign of a political party that has no reason to actually help poor people


  2. That’s an interesting attitude from John Morgan because I just saw something about him ‘investigating’ a run for the Florida governorship in 2 years.


  3. Let’s work slowly and surely both at the Federal and State Level.

    Amen, and doubly on the “slowly and surely” part.

    The last thing we need is to ram through some omnibus gun bill that is poorly written, expends all our capital (political and monetary), and ends up not furthering our rights. We do not need a Bloombergian “Question 1” debacle on our side, and we do not need our Congress-critters responding back to us after passing it saying, “Now what? We already passed your bill; leave us alone.”

    We have at least four years of a Trump administration, and at least two years of Republicans controlling both Houses of Congress. IOW, we have some time to come up with something good; it doesn’t have to be a “first 100 days” issue.

    In fact, if history is any guide, it’ll be better if it’s not.



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