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Just under 6 hours til midnight.

This morning, Chicago’s death toll was 778.

Anybody bet me that they break 800 before tomorrow morning?



  1. They only need 5 more: http://heyjackass.com/

    Definitely an easy number for all those honor students to attain.

  2. I just mentioned this to my wife at about 11:50 and said that at least they had some aim in life.

    She said “they’re aiming at something alright”.

    She’s a keeper..

  3. Hey Jackass has the total at 795. This doesn’t include the results of 36 “death investigations” and some shot up targets that may succumb to the holes previously poked into them.

    The official Chicago numbers are about 750, and don’t include murders performed on the freeway and those shot by LEO.

    Want to know how bad 2016 was? The 795 dead bodies are 310 more than last year’s 485. Three hundred more dead.


  4. President Obama made a statement that “what works in Chicago may not work in Cheyenne”.

    President Obama is notably unavailable for comment on what actually works in Chicago….

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