I’m from the government and I’m not here to help

In the beginning of 2016, a handful of ranchers took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Oregon.  They held it from January 2, to February 11, when law enforcement ousted them in a raid that resulted in the death of one rancher.  The media covered this story in typical fashion, which meant that for all the OpEds by our intellectual betters, the actual root of this issue got swept under the rug.

The whole Oregon Standoff began in a fairly boring way.

The United States Federal Goverment owns half the land west of the Rocky Mountains, and is in control of 52.9% of the state of Oregon.  Rangers have some access to this federal land for grazing and other use.  The Federal Goverment is supposed to manage it.  It does so with the efficiency that it manages most other things in Flyover Country, that is in about a shitty a way as possible.

Two ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond, were arrested for burning sagebrush on Federal Land.  They claim that what they were doing was fire management.  They were burning out underbrush in a controlled way to prevent a bigger fire and make moving cattle easier.  They claimed that that the Federal Goverment wasn’t managing the land and so they took matters into their own hands.  The thing is, even through the Federal Goverment was derelict in land management, what the ranchers did was a crime that carried a five year minimum sentence.

This outraged other ranchers who felt that the government was going to screw them twice: once when the government failed to properly manage the land, then again when the government arrested them (the ranchers) for maintaining the land themselves.  The straw had broke the camel’s back and about two dozen ranchers decided they had enough of being spit roasted (NSFW description) by the US Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management, so they occupied the unmanned Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Oregon, as a protest.

Then it all went to hell.

The important takeaway from this was it all started because to ranchers got tired of the government not doing its job and then punishing them when they did the government’s job form them.

Why do I tell this story almost a year later?

Because an illegal immigrant from Mexico was arrested for raping a 13 year old girl on a Greyhound bus in Kansas.  Before he raped this girl, he was deported 19 times.

This was not the first story like this from 2016.

Remember the shooting of Kate Steinle in San Francisco?  Her shooter was deported five times before he shot Kate.

A man in Louisville killed two women in a DUI, after being deported eight times.

A 10 year old girl in Texas was killed by a man who had been previously deported for a violent crime.

A woman in Michigan was killed by a man deported twice before, including once for trafficking a large amount of drugs.

There are so many of these stories where a previously deported illegal immigrant comes back and ultimately rapes and/or kills someone that I can’t begin to list all of them.

There was a push for Kate’s Law, which would revoke Federal funding from sanctuary cities that protected criminal illegal immigrants.  It was ultimately blocked by Senate Democrats.  This was one of the many impetuses for the election of Donald Trump.

In the face of Trump, many of the big Blue cities are doubling down on their sanctuary city status.

The expectation is that there is going to be more and more stories like those above as more and more illegal criminals take refuge in these sanctuary cities.

At some point, the straw will break the camel’s back once again.  Regular Americans in the areas around these sanctuary cities will get tired of the illegal/Liberal tag team.  First screwing when they are the victim of a crime by a previously deported illegal, then screwed again when said criminal is let free in a sanctuary city and the American is lambasted as a racist for wanting something done about it.

The people in the redder suburbs of Minneapolis are not going to tolerate becoming the victims of the criminals that have taken sanctuary in the Twin Cities.  When the government fails to do its job for long enough, Americans will pick up the slack.  If the Blue sanctuary cities fail to protect Americans from crimes, Americans will protect themselves.

If “illegal deported x-number of times rapes underage girl” becomes a daily story in and around sanctuary cities, soon the headlines will become “illegal deported x-number of times shot to death by bystanders for trying to rape underage girl.”

4 Replies to “I’m from the government and I’m not here to help”

  1. “Shot to death for trying to rape” is the important part. “underage” may set priorities if there are multiple targets. Legal status of the rapist doesn’t matter a bit. Sources I consider credible say that illegal immigrants are less likely to commit serious crimes than citizens. I don’t care much if they are here illegally if they aren’t committing real crimes–won’t cry if they get deported, won’t worry if they don’t.
    Deliberately impeding deportation of serious criminals is another matter.


    1. Define a “real” crime. If an individual is here illegally, they have committed a NON-violent crime, but a crime nonetheless. We can either be a country of laws or not. If we are to be a country of laws, we must make it as difficult for those here illegally to live, work and play as we can. In other words, make sure laws are enforced equally and if enforcement does not occur, then remove and replace those we hire to do so.


  2. Real crime is at minimum crime with a victim. Ideally we shouldn’t have laws we aren’t going to enforce, and we should enforce laws consistently, but there are more important factors. The federal government lacks consistency with immigration law–in some cases border states have wanted to enforce immigration laws and been told “that’s federal, butt out”.
    Overall we are likely better off with federal being responsible for federal law, states being responsible for enforcing state law. Should Colorado really be forced to arrest people for pot?


  3. If “illegal deported x-number of times rapes underage girl” becomes a daily story in and around sanctuary cities, soon the headlines will become “illegal deported x-number of times shot to death by bystanders for trying to rape underage girl.”

    No. Not “shot to death”. That just creates more “gun crime” blood for the antis to dance in.

    How about, “x-time deported illegal immigrant suspected of trying to rape underage girl found hanging from streetlamp – bystanders uncooperative”?



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