Change in work

I was on LinkedIn updating my profile and in my sidebar was a the jobs you might like column.  One of them was for Everytown For Gun Safety.  Apparently the algorithm that LinkedIn uses for job recommendations can’t tell the difference between firearms and a pro gun control non-profit.

Here’s the thing, I’m slightly tempted.

I’m not going to tell you exactly what I do for a living.  Let’s just say I work with guns, and part of my job involves destroying a hell of a lot of them.  Not maliciously mind you.  It’s more like…. NASA blew up a lot of rockets on launchpads before they ended up with a design that could carry astronauts to the moon.  I blow stuff up on the launchpad.

It is the bitter-sweet part of my job.

There is some part of me that is tempted to interview with one of the open analytical positions with Everytown.

Q: “What are your qualifications to work here?”

A: “I’m a data specialist who destroys guns for a living.”

Q: “Welcome aboard!!!”

Then once on the inside engage in subterfuge.  Sure, I’ll get fired, but it’s a shitty place to work anyway.  In the mean time, it will be fun to troll from the inside.  I’ll be the anti-Mike the Gun Guy.

4 Replies to “Change in work”

  1. I want you to report the water cooler talk.

    Stuff like, “Hey, let’s pull some bogus stats out of our hind end and run with them…” or “Does anyone know the 4 rules of firearms safety?”


  2. do it!

    The work review site says management has “no real vision.” Prime candidate for someone to come in and shake the place up.

    Jay, it’s time for Everytown for Gun Safety to become a pro-gun organization that teaches *REAL* gun safety.



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