New Pro-Gun Site and Eye-Poker:

OK, hold on. Have another sip of the coffee. No, I have not gone mental. I am talking about the Coalition to Stop Vilifying Guns and yes it is a take on our “friends” from the Cult to Stop Gun Rights A.K.A. CSGV.

And I have to apologize to the people behind CSVG because I tabbed their page in my browser and then forgot to give them the proper announcement as I promised. You guys will see that it is a damn purty page full of info which ain’t half bad for some alleged newbies.

So go forth and abuse them some, make sure you drop by every day and enjoy it. In our cause, the more, the merrier with more ammo.



Feel free to express your opinions. Trolling, overly cussing and Internet Commandos will not be tolerated .