All Points Bulletin for Clyde Barrow, 1932.

OK, they didn’t call them APBs back then, but the idea is the same:

It is unfortunate the history is taught so badly that it seems like a tale of fantasy created by some bored mind and so diluted is uninteresting. But sometimes a small historical jewel pops up and brings that story to reality. Stuff like this seemingly unimportant piece of paper create a bridge to the past and gives us a sense of reality on the times and lives of Bonnie and Clyde.

Thanks to JD Kinman for sharing the photo.

3 Replies to “All Points Bulletin for Clyde Barrow, 1932.”

  1. “Stuff like this unseemly important piece of paper…”
    That means “seemingly unimportant,” I hope. Any other implication would be unseemly.



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