PSA: If you are a Gun Control activist living in Florida…

…don’t say you don’t have friends that own guns.

Caught one of those in Twitter.

She lives in Clay County. According to Wikipedia, it has a population of 203,967 inhabitants. And according to the State of Florida, there are 22,155 people with active Concealed Weapons Permits so right there, one in ten persons she knows has at least a gun with a CWP. Now, Florida is pretty thick with gun ownership, so I would venture that at least one in 6 or 7 adults own guns of any kind. So dear Susan is being lied to because she is the type of person that she is… a fanatical little leftie numbnut.

But hey, it is people like her that give me material for the blog, so I have to thank her!

OK. Y’all stop laughing.

6 Replies to “PSA: If you are a Gun Control activist living in Florida…”

  1. They just continue to show their stupidity… I was stationed in JAX, I’ll guarantee she knows gun owners, whether she knows it or not, especially in Middleburg!

  2. I’ll second ONFO on that. I lived in Orange Park in the 80s and you couldn’t throw a stick without it landing close to someone who had a gun. Now granted, the entire area has exploded with new construction as JAX spreads out like kudzu in a wet summer and maybe a lot of those people are carpetbaggers, but still, it IS almost south Georgia and still filled with plenty of good ole boys and girls…… Then again, she seems to be one of those special snowflakes living in her clueless lefty bubble.

  3. Don’t be too harsh on folks like that. It is human nature to assume that everyone you are friendly with is similar to you, and holds similar beliefs.

    Most conservatives cannot believe that someone they know thinks having the Government take more control over the economy is a good thing.
    Your average liberal cannot fathom that a good friend might have voted for Trump.
    Your average gun control advocate cannot imagine that someone they know might possibly own a gun.

    The real problem only manifests itself when they start using their personal anecdotal evidence as a basis for their debate arguments. It is then when they need to be called out as the clueless idiots they really are.

  4. I’ve had people say to my face how crazy they thought concealed carry was, and how scared they’d be if somebody was carrying a loaded gun around them……while I was carrying a loaded gun.

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