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Tarak Andrew Underiner is the first homicide victim of Columbus, Ohio in 2017.  He was also a strong vocal advocate of campus carry at OSU where he was a student.

According to The Dispatch “Medics pronounced Underiner, a senior, dead at the scene at 12:41 a.m. Police said early Thursday that they do not believe Underiner was a random victim and that the slaying does not have ‘any connection’ to the university.

This is a story that needs to be followed.  I do not want to kick off any conspiracy theories or jump to conclusions, but I would like to know, since the police do not believe that he was a random victim, if this shooting had anything to do with his high profile support of campus gun rights.  I say this only because it comes on the heels of some other high profile anti-Trump/anti-Conservative attacks.

That and Underiner’s body isn’t cold yet and the antis are already being snarky while dancing in his blood.





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  1. Yup. I’d not be at all surprised to learn he was targeted by a follower of the cult of gun control. They tend to be more violent – and project that violence onto others.

  2. Wouldn’t sulfide me. I got a lot of threats and such when I was in the executive board of the college republicans and working with campus carry. A “reporter” for the school tag ambushed interviewed my girlfriend outside of the library one night. Progs can’t stand reason so they turn violent.

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