A couple of details in the 2017 Carpetbagger Assault Weapons Ban.

Pistols will now be considered “Assault Weapons”:

The sales of after-market barrels makes almost any semi auto gun ever produced fall into the Carpetbagger Assault Weapon. The semiautomatic version of an automatic firearm comes from the Feinstein Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 2013 bill which was so bad and overreaching, Harry Read dropped in a drawer and nailed it shut. Just the existence of the Glock 18 kills that group of sidearms and there are even auto versions of the 1911.  But you have to give props for the stupid on the slide thing:

Yes, it is that stupid. Of course, since both are capable of accepting magazines with more than 7 rounds (even though there are no 7 round mags for these guns) both are bad-bad-bad guns!


And here is the final nail to the coffin for this bill: Certificate of Possession (A.K.A. Firearms Registration).

Er…. nope. Besides the fact that like other Assault Weapons Registration schemes, this one is bound to be brutally ignored by gun owners and the State will have no capacity to enforce it or maybe even set up the registration process. And, if that was not enough, it is illegal in the State of Florida to maintain a record or database of firearms and owners. It is a felony of the third degree that carries both prison time and monetary fines applied to the person as well as the entity he/she was working for. And again, if that was not enough, public funding is forbidden to be used for such registration and database schemes.

But this is what happens when you have NY Lawyers paid by Bloomberg writing bills for other places.


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  1. I guess a slide is another “shoulder thing that goes up.” 😛

  2. At least all the California and New York residents now know what they can look forward to in their next legislative sessions.


  3. What you quote is almost word for word what we labor under in Connecticut (and I believe New York) today. You saw the pictures of the lines outside CT State Police HQ a couple of years ago as many AW owners desperately waited to get their guns registered at the last minute. It ain’t funny, and the courts even assured us this was not a violation of our state or federal constitutional rights.

  4. Is that a list with “and” between every number, or “or” between, them? I mean, take the line that says “weight over 50 ounces” – I don’t think I have any pistol that weighs over 50 ounces. Are they just trying to outlaw AR pistols?

    The Double Ebil Assault Pistol was invented, what?, about 100 years ago? Certainly the Broom Handle Mauser, with a magazine well in front of the trigger meets that list. The thing about the magazine being anywhere but in the grip keeps things like the Browning 1903 from qualifying, right?

  5. Jeremiah Weed : January 7, 2017 at 9:38 pm

    I’m fairly certain an unscrupulous lawyer could convince 12 people too stupid to get out of jury duty that the Beretta pictured above is a semi-auto version of the 93R, thus making it illegal. (It doesn’t have to be true, merely convincing.)

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