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So this “lady” has the following to say to those living in flyover country:

And she hails out of where? San Francisco!

And San Francisco is so “advanced” people now have totally forgotten how to use bathrooms and defecate on the streets. How bad is it? They have a dedicated website to track “deposits” of human feces all over the city.


And please don’t ask about people urinating everywhere.


Dear Ms. Byerley. I am not saying I speak from the many millions that you insulted, but rest assured even the “dumbest” of us have managed the dominate the intricacies of basic hygiene and the use of at least a proper outhouse, traits which seem to be lacking in your town.


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  1. I saw this and it was so ridiculous that I couldn’t even attack it. This is peak liberal coast elite.

    If we really want to take this person down, and maybe we should, we Flyover country rubes need to find out what companies use her company’s marketing services and not buy from them. Punch her right in the wallet and maker her toxic to be hired by anybody outside the Bay area.

  2. Hilarious. I went to the testimonials page of her company’s web site, and randomly picked the company of one of the “testimonials.” The web page for that company says: “Sorry, this shop is currently unavailable.” Another testimonial company’s website is for sale. Her marketing must really be blowing the socks off of people.

  3. A) Dumbest thing I’ve read this year so far.
    B) Call centers, ‘factors’ (factories, I think), Dev. centers, etc., don’t get built in the big cities due to taxes imposed by big city governments. There’s a reason industrial areas develop away from large populations.
    C) Still the dumbest thing I’ve read this year so far.

  4. “Lamp post destroyed by urine falls in street, just misses driver”:

  5. Well Melinda, if you’re an example of San Francisco’s “best and brightest”, please just continue scraping by in your lovely city. We Deplorables would rather scrape by in our rural “shitholes” than have to live next to people like you!

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