My take on the Attorney General confirmation proceedings.

Too harsh? 😀


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  1. I was listening to NPR last night, and the topic was Sen. Sessions nomination. One soul phoned in, moaning that Sen. Sessions, as AG, “would roll back 8 years of progressive initiatives that we’ve seen under Obama.” I recall thinking, “ya know, that’s kinda why we elected him!”

  2. That totally is something that the jerkass Democrats would do. That said, I think Sessions is an awful choice to be AG. His stands against federalism, and for the “war on drugs,” and for civil asset forfeiture convinced me of that.

    Ilya Somin has said it better than I:

  3. I completely agree that Sessions is an awful choice AND I was going to post that very piece! 🙂

  4. I mean, technically they already did once.

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