The dumb at full display in the Florida Legislature.

Today’s participant is Senator Gary M. Farmer, Jr.


and his bill: S 0142 Safe Storage of Loaded Firearms. Check the parts stricken out:

He wants to remove the exception while a person is carrying a concealed gun. That means if you are carrying and kids show up nearby, you should remove the gun, unloaded it, clear the chamber and proceed to insert a cable lock to secure the gun. And I am guessing you may have to re-holster the sidearm with the cable lock. If you don’t do so, you are breaking the law.

So, unnecessary manipulation of a loaded firearm in front of children to render it useless is what passes for “Gun Safety” for the Gun Control crown.

And I don’t want to get into going to the range with kids.

This is why fewer and fewer people are taking them seriously. They are idiots.

Hat tip Jeff A.

8 Replies to “The dumb at full display in the Florida Legislature.”

  1. The Florida State Senator is NOT an idiot.

    Stop thinking such and consider from the precision of the strike-out that he knows – precisely – the effects; confusion (and the ability for select “political” prosecution), that the change in the law will produce.

    It’s not a ‘bug’, it’s a true feature and planned to be that way.

    1. I used to give them the benefit of the doubt about being deceitful. But regurgitating Bloomberg’s boilerplate bills and coming up with shit that will affect 1,598,213 Concealed Carriers who will get VERY motivated to shut him down belies their “smarts.”

      The amount of damage they will do to themselves this season is going to be beautiful.

      1. Just me, but I’ve never had doubts about politicians.
        It may be a movie line, but it’s apt: “They’re politicians and not to be trusted”.

        If they can be outed seen for what they are, then they can be marginalized and voted out of office. So much the better.
        But I’d never trivialize or underestimate them.

        I see it as we’re agreeing, just viewing it from different angles.

  2. This stuff is all calculated. This is political grandstanding and legislative virtue signalling for his supporters. Proggies care less about results and more about ideological purity because in the end, ideological purity moves the opposition in their direction.

    Sometimes these calculations backfire (at least in the short term) as was the case of the “smart gun” law in New Jersey. I highly doubt the NJ legislature figured that “smart guns” were less than 10 years away and I suspect they couldn’t have foreseen the wall put up by gun owners and gun dealers for this tech. That being said, people in this country have short memories and this too will be forgotten. Smart guns will then be sold somewhere in the US and the law will be re-instituted in NJ with CA and NY attempting to beat them to it.

    1. Yup.

      Farmer doesn’t expect it to pass. He doesn’t offer this in a legitimate attempt to pass the legislation. It’s pure political posturing to his base. “Virtue signaling” to the right people.

      And after it’s died for lack of effort to pass it, failing to even be seriously taken up, he’ll trot his proposal out at rallies to his homies blaming the “evil” republicans and the NRA for their “failure to take seriously the epidemic if gun violence” or similar nonsense.

      This is showmanship, nothing else.

  3. Democrats are so prone to trying regulate things they don’t know anything about that at this point I wouldn’t trust a group of Democrat men to put together a regulation on how to operate a dick correctly.

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