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It is a mental health issue…


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  1. Projection.

    Plus I like how she uses the term ‘cockroaches’ to refer to people. The Hutu in Rwanda did the same thing to the Tutsi’s before they massacred them. (inyenzi) Since they’re not human or even animals, it’s ok to hate and kill them.

  2. And she has no idea that she, and people like her, are the reason Trump won.

  3. From her FB profile, Part I: “Studied African American and African Diaspora Studies at New York University”

    From her FB profile, Part II: She’s a white chick.


    • Odds are she would deny that 1) Africans collected the slaves and sold them off, and 2) most of the Africans taken slave went to Arabia, where they left no recognizable population.

  4. The single fundamental defining trait of a liberal is that they are so open minded, they will not take their own side in an argument.

    And, you see it right there. So ready, willing, and eager to prove that she is fully in support of others that she will gladly dismiss anything that is beneficial to her, supports her heritage, or acknowledges that her targeted demographics might actually not be what her bias says they are.

    And, thanks for that tidbit of info there scrappycrow. Studied hyphenated-American studies at NYU, and has a job in retail. Yep, getting that degree was well worth it. And, she pretends she is so much smarter then us dumb rednecks with engineering degrees.

  5. Tim Strickland : January 11, 2017 at 12:46 pm

    This is funny, and it’s pathetic, but let’s face it – it’s low hanging fruit.

  6. Meh, talk is cheap, and she all talk. It’s the internet tough guy routine- talk some good shit, immediately buckle when someone confronts you.
    And it’s always the libby types. Almost like they *know* they can’t compete with reality, but act like they can, ’til they can’t.

  7. So much rage. Yawn.

    I hope she has enough Prilosec for her ulcer. When Trump is actually in office, her head might just explode. Yawn.

    I have not come across a liberal/Democrat/progressive that I ever considered a real threat and I am not an imposing figure. They are all bluster. If they do start a fight, I aim to finish it though.

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