Interesting photo of Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo with Moms Demand Gun Controllers.

Chief Acevedo which from what I could gather likes to associate with BLM and throws fellow officers under the political bus, had a photo moment with some local Mom Demand “activists.”

Wait for it…

If you still don’t see it…

Yup, the Gonzales Flag. Talk about disconnect… but in fairness, I doubt none of them have an idea what it represents.

You cannot make s*** up like this.

8 Replies to “Interesting photo of Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo with Moms Demand Gun Controllers.”

    1. They keep trying to co-opt the pro gun language that works with uninformed fence-sitters and low info do-gooders. “Gun Safety” and now “Protecting the 2A”. They should get laughed the hell off the national stage and be called out for their proggie Newspeak bullshit, but we all know they are protected by the narrative.

  1. This is the same police chief that asked Austin citizens a few years back to report any of their neighbors that had an interest in guns so that the police could “check them out”.

  2. This guy’s a “police chief” and thinks that MDA “protects the Second Amendment”?

    I bet he couldn’t find his own nightstick with both hands and a flashlight.

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