Corporate Instructions do attract criminals.

Police say two days later the suspect struck again, this time at a Chevron store near 51st and Southern avenues. This time he demanded money from the cash registers and when he motioned toward them with the gun a store clerk pulled his gun and fired at the suspect.The suspect ran and tried to get on his bike but realized, “his arm didn’t work.” He went to a nearby restaurant to ask for help.
Police contacted him there and the suspect was taken to the hospital for a gunshot wound to his arm. It was there, police say, that he admitted to the robberies. He allegedly told police that he targeted gas stations because “they are supposed to just hand over the money and not try to stop anyone.”

Source: PD: Armed robber shot by clerk, “They’re supposed to just hand over the money.” – ABC15 Arizona

“Just give them anything they want” was and still is the legal mantra by many corporations. My guess is  that reflects back 30 years when criminals could successfully sue a company for injuries received during the commission of the crime they initiated. Laws have changed for the better and even if there is no provision for immunity after a self-defense act, juries are tired of bad guys trying to profit from their wrongdoing.

I am guessing Legal Departments should get on with the times and get rid of dangerous policies that leave associates in potential danger.

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