CSGV with information about guns and the Trump inauguration.

Apparently we are about to see A Klan rally just like in the heyday of the Democrat White Robes:

And who brought this amazing piece of information?

Yup, the only media enterprise with its own Former British Intelligence Operative. It must be true!



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  1. so all of us racist white guys with CCW permits are gonna break numerous local and federal laws and bring guns to one of the strickest places in the country…ya ok. BTW idiots, where were all of us white robe wearing redneck racists when obama won TWICE??? I am sick of this crap already..

    • Apparently all those gun laws disappeared on Election Day and everybody in the Country has been Open Carrying and shooting the proverbial bus-full-of-nuns-and-orphans every 12 hours.
      The good news is that there are no orphans and nuns left.

  2. Uuuuuuh, the city of DC is ENTIRELY controlled and owned by the Demshoviks and the CURRENT outgoing administration has the duty and responsibility to set up and coordinate the event, NOT the incoming administration. (other than the incoming guys giving the outgoing guys some direction on event happenings.) The anti-Liberty clowns are barking up the wrong tree….. But once again the clowns aren’t interested in truth, only in picking the low-hanging fruit of clueless people who listen/watch the old lamestream media and never bother to use their grey matter.

  3. Yet another BuzzFeed story that the mainstream media deals with, embracing all the wisdom of a Large Mouth Bass. SHINY! GULP!

    • Reltney McFee : January 12, 2017 at 5:27 pm

      .45ACP+P: nice piscine imagery, and apropos of what duh medya do with narrative furthering fables. Anybody remember “false, but accurate” Rather? I hear he’s starting a website to combat “fake news”. Ahhh, the irony! Pot, meet Kettle. Kettle, this is Mr. Rather.

  4. Not really taking anything a site that has a “which cheese are you?” Quiz too seriously

  5. I see Buzzfeed is doubling down on the fake news, I guess they must really be upset that Trump referred to them as “a failing piece of garbage”.

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