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A bunch of artists I doubt anybody who reads this blog has ever heard of have decided that they are going to go on a culture strike on January 20th, to shut down museums of modern art, to protest the “normalization of Trump.”

I’m fine with them shutting their museums down on January 20th.  They should be shut down even longer to protest the “normalization” an unmade bed, Tilda Swinton taking a nap, or a big fucking rock as museum quality art.

I doubt anybody who even remotely supported Trump gives half a shit about modern art.  But if Trump’s election makes these kind of elitist “more money than brains” types who think that they are better than the rest of us because they can find deep meaning in a mason jar full of piss super butthurt enough to shut down their museums and gallerias, I’m willing to make Trump president for life.



  1. Well we still will have the NFL and MMA… And NASCAR of course.

  2. I can see a picture of a hobo with a sign: “out of work artist — please help”.

  3. If they seriously think that Trump won on the white supremist ticket, they should go back to their KKK roots and embrace it.

  4. Reltney McFee : January 12, 2017 at 1:20 pm

    Does anybody other than me, read this and think, “Ummm, you guys are threatening us with this shutdown, as if we were supposed to think it was a BAD thing, right?”

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