Dancing ProSimian Gets offended because a Bloody Shirt feelings may get hurt.

Last night in Twitter, I got introduced to a rather funny hashtag: #ShannonWattsTantrum. I found rather quick somebody waving a Bloody Shirt and I gave my opinion. And no, just because you had a loved one die at the hands of a couple of jihadist in Gun Free California, does not give you the right to blame me and my Rights for your misfortune and least trying to take them away.



So I checked her profile:

And still did not ring a bell. I did the Google-Fu thing and she turns out to be the sister of alleged comedian Sarah Silverman. I don’t think Laura qualifies as full-fledged Dancing Monkey but more like a Dancing Prosimian.

Anyway, my reply was simple:

We know that for the Gun Control crowd, “Let’s have a conversation” really means “Shut up. You have no right to speak.”  And I am sorry if you had a loved one who died by violence, but that does not mean you get to monopolize the discussion, specially if the death occurred in the Super “A+” rated state for gun control laws according to the Bradys. If that is not a fantastic indication of gun control & government failure, I don’t know what else could be.

“But Miguel, that person is hurting. You should be more sensitive.” I am being sensitive, May I remind you that his side has been asking for our deaths or our permanent vacations in “re-education camps”? I don’t need to point you out to the hundreds of screen captures where people in MPi’s (‏@huckchinn) Gun Safety Control have not only besmirched but have gone to the extreme of SWATing us.

So, if you pick a team because the uniforms are pretty and they preach a good line of bullshit, but you fail to do your due diligence and end up on the side of the ones that want to run the cattle wagons eastbound, do not expect courtesy from me. It was not my fault that a couple of Jihadists did not assimilate to your multicultural world and decided that your lives needed to be destroyed. It is your doing, your politics in your state: live with it. Don’t dare to blame us for your failings.



Owner/Operator of this Blog. Pamphleteer De Lux. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.


  1. She was the one that turned the person’s death political.

    All you did was respond to that.

    If you are respectful of your loved one’s death, then I will be too. If you politicize it, I’ll respond to that.

  2. they can hurt as much as they want….and I will feel for their pain….up until they start blaming ME for what happened.

  3. “It was not my fault that a couple of Jihadists did not assimilate to your multicultural world and decided that your lives needed to be destroyed. It is your doing, your politics in your state: live with it. Don’t dare to blame us for your failings.”

    ^^ This is the money quote here. It is always someone else’s fault in the Proggiesphere.

  4. Is she the one with the son in marine corps boot camp. Time to send some “care packages” to his DI’s

  5. Hi Miguel,
    I concur with you 100%!!!! As for CA., I got a one way ticket out of there to NC in 1996 when the Company I worked for decided to leave “the State!!” ……I never looked Back!! I live in Louisiana now…… It blows me away at Wal-Mart to see people “Open Carrying” and “Nobody Gives a Shit!!!” ….except when a “Visitor to the area from Calif.” “NOTICES!!!,” promptly “Freaks Out!!,” runs to Management to complain about these people Carrying Guns in Public!! and Management just looks at them kinda dumbfounded and says….”SO?????”….”Yer in Louisiana now, get used to it!!!!!!”
    Got Gunz…………..OUTLAW!!!!!,
    God, Gunz and Gutz keep America FREE!!!,

  6. I assume she shares the same twisted, evil, and unConstitutional view of her sister, that I must be disarmed for their comfort.

    Sorry, my firearms are here so that I can counter a “rain” of gunfire and save my life and others.

    The Colin Goddards of the world need to be told that their pain will NEVER be a reason to punish me.

  7. I got in to gun rights advocacy after two of my friends in high school were murdered (at different times, by the same guy, who was on parole). A third friend was murdered in 2015 in an incident that made national news.

    So my opinion counts 3x as much as hers, right?

  8. It’s not insensitive to make suggestions that could actually fix the problem, and the question of solving terrorist attacks on US soil is a relatively simple one if you look at the propensity of their occurrence in California vs. Texas.

    Ironically, these are the same people who hate Trump because he proposed an actual solution. So they, as sheep, are demanding that wolves be let into the pen and the sheep be disarmed. And they know it, they just try to pretend not to. And it’s what makes them so angry.

    If someone’s foot has gangrene, you can either hug them and tell them it’ll be OK, or you can pull out the tourniquet and saw and give them a stick to bite down on.

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