Inauguration Day Protesters Will Face Felony Rioting Charges. Let’s be nice to them.

WASHINGTON (CBSNEWS/AP) – Most of the approximately 230 protesters arrested on Inauguration Day will be charged with felony rioting, federal prosecutors said.The U.S. Attorney’s Office said the offense is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000. The office said most of those arrested will be released without having to post bail and must return to court in February.

Source: Many Arrested Inauguration Day Protesters Will Face Felony Rioting Charges, Prosecutors Say « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

I figure no fines and make them serve 366 days in some nice low-security corrections establishment. Yes, my heart is that nice.



6 Replies to “ Inauguration Day Protesters Will Face Felony Rioting Charges. Let’s be nice to them.”

  1. It’s about time they were treated as rioters and not protesters. Maybe Bubba and Laquan will have new playmates for a few months in the lockup. Soap included.

  2. Who going to be paying their legal bills? Is soros or bloomburg going to step up with the cash, hell no they will go in front of the judge and ask for a public defender. The tax payer will be on the hook and the rioters will pocket their pay from soros.

  3. 366 days is fine. Let’s just hope they don’t plea it down to a misdemeanor. I want these people to have felony convictions on their records forever.

  4. They’re going to be released on their own recognizance. Now that they know what they’re facing, I wonder how many of them will skip. The 60s rioters were willing to go to prison for real. These kids aren’t.

  5. 366 days mandatory. No bail, no reduction in time by paying a fine.

    It will be a wake up call that they don’t just show up, break stuff, get their check from their left wing master and go home with no repercussions. Let them have permanent felony records.

  6. A lot of these black bloc anarchists are upper middle class kids that have delusions that they are Robin Hood. They come down to the protest and “play.” I don’t think Mommy and Daddy are going to be able to fix this, this time.

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