Lagniappe’s Lair: Made some new friends today…NOT!

My favorite German Shepard owner went on photo Safari:

I swear, sometimes I feel like an American pilot down behind the lines in World War Two Germany. Everyone here–virtually EVERYONE–is a bright blue Liberal, and I can only walk safely among them if I don’t actually open my mouth and speak.But today, I was feeling the need to examine them a bit more closely, so I “went to the animal fair” and crashed the local Anti-Trump Temper Tantrum march to watch all of the millennials and old wash-up hippies continue to scream and cry about the results of a democratic election two months ago in which they did not get their way.

Source: Lagniappe’s Lair: Made some new friends today…NOT!

New Orleans is like a mini San Francisco in the South. Go read and see the pics he took of the different species walking around last Saturday. I made a screen capture of this one because it is too funny and telling:

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  1. There’s always that ONE city in a perfectly good state that’ll FUBAR things. We’ve got Memphis, although Nashville is gradually de-railing.



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