That Fine Line between mantra and indoctrination.

The video below reminds me of what I read in Huxley’s “A Brave New World” about conditioning infants to not buck the norms of that dystopian society.

One hundred repetitions three nights a week for four years, thought Bernard Marx, who was a specialist on hypnopædia. Sixty-two thousand four hundred repetitions make one truth. Idiots!


Oh, and Shia LaBeouf is just a dancing monkey that need a shorter chain and a fresh banana.

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  1. Question: What exactly was he arrested for? There doesn’t appear to be anything in that video that was an offense that would justify arrest, as stupid is not a crime. Nor is mediocre acting, thankfully for much of Hollywood.

    So just what was the arrest for?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    Ah . . . it appears to have been for a “tussle” off camera, prior to the portion shown in the video. If he did that, then he should face arrest and prosecution.

    1. Earlier he assaulted somebody who he did not like. He got too close to the camera and it seems said something Dancing Monkey did not like and attacked him.
      You know you are nor suppose to steal camera time from actors.

  2. I always thought that Jonestown happened because Jim Jones was able to isolate his fanatical followers away from others. That if they had been closer to civilization, they would have realized that they were being used. I think I was wrong. Some people just want to be told what to do and are willing to surrender all of themselves to ridiculous causes led by others.

    The people in the foreground were so monotone and robotic, it was scary.

    1. Jim Jones got his followers in the middle of San Francisco, and was quite a celebrity among the left. Lots of pictures of celebrities and Democrat politicians with him, at his “services”, etc. I’m seen a pic of Jimmy and Rosalind Carter at one, for example.

      He got his claws into people in front of cameras.

  3. All that was missing was tin-foil hats. Then again, the p***y hats may have been lined with tin foil. No excuse for the moron arrestee. That’s about the extent of his acting ability, anyway.

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