Again, I want to apologize for the technical issues.

I think it is not longer just a question of webhosting but also the format. WordPress is no so full of widgets, gadgets and assorted shit, it is starting to step itself onto several appendages.

It does not matter how many “recommended” upgrades and fixes I do, the site keeps having issues: Posts don’t appear when posted, of they are formatted differently or the fucking thing just crashes. Support? Yeah right.

So basically I need to do the following: 1) Find a new blogging format which is capable of taking 8+ years of shit in WordPress and transfer it smoothly.  2) Find an affordable and reliable Webhost. 3) Move everything once again.

I figure it s going to take me a couple of months till I make the decision. In the meantime, I hope you can bear with the BS and continue to enjoy the Blog.


9 Replies to “Again, I want to apologize for the technical issues.”

  1. Naw, wordpress is going to be your best platform for this. You could export it to something like Drupal but you’re going to have more issues especially with updates. Just clean up wordpress, tighten the database, dunno bad plugins, get rid of unused themes, install wordfence, and for goodness sake get rid of hostgator.

  2. No worries Miguel, your posts are worth the technical BS we may have to put up with during the transition. Again, if you some money, please let up know and we’ll work on filling your tip jar.

  3. Well, it’s been a few days since I’ve been able to get on my computer, and the place looks a bit different. The font at least. I was having an issue with this site loading correctly, but I figured it was my browser and it’s add-ons (running Ghostery and Ad-Block Plus). I found that if I deleted the site’s cookie, I could view the page again.

    1. I got rid of the purchased theme I had and I am as barebones as possible right now running WordPress & Jetpack (which no is part of WordPress) and still is giving crap. I placing the blame squarely on HostGator.

      1. If you want help moving it let me know. I’ll be happy to help. Siteground has been a great move for me. Just get a legit plan (anything under 10 bucks is usually crap). They’re having a sale right now, the $15 plan that I use is only $8 bucks.

        If you need help with a new theme or whatever, just hit me up. I’ll be happy to donate my time.

        And no, I’m not affiliated with siteground.

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