A tool to enhance your EDC

Reviewing the videos from Berkeley and the Inauguration, I figured that we may need a system between the personal blade and firearm, specially in places where a gun might not be allowed but some sort of small and very concealable strike item can sneak in.

Enter the ASP P16 collapsible baton:

At 6.5 inches closed and 16 fully extended, I think this baby would cover both defensive and offensive capabilities. I have handed one long time ago, but I have zero training on it so I can only rely on ASP’s long-standing quality and figure they won’t sell crap. It goes just under $55 which is not cheap, but you should see some of the crap they sell cheaper and last about 4 strikes in real life. Buy cheaper breakfast cereal, but don’t go dumb on life-saving devices.

Obviously, you must understand that this is NOT a Less Lethal weapon, in fact it more than likely be considered a lethal weapon in most, if not all jurisdictions in the US.  But the way I see it, you have a tool that will help you block incoming attack by “flagpoles” and “sign holders” and allowing to return the favor.

I did a quick internet check, and you can get training at local Security Companies in one day of training and with a cost around $100.  This is not only important because it teaches you how to use the baton, where to hit and more importantly where NOT to hit (remember the warning about deadly weapon?) It also can be used to show you are not just some cop wannabe who just bought a baton online to appear all butch, but you took the time, money and effort to properly train yourself in defensive techniques with the baton.

That’s about it, give it a thought. Any reader with experience on both this batons and baton training, feel free to revise, correct and expand in the comment section.


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  1. A 24″ piece of broomstick hidden up your sleeve works too and won’t set off metal detectors. If a protestor gets in your face, just bring the butt of the stick up under his chin hard. If any of his friends step forward a swat across the bridge of the nose will make them back off quickly.

    1. But then you’re going to have to explain to the ladies and gentlemen of the jury why you were walking around with a 24″ piece of broomstick hidden up your sleeve.

  2. As I now live in the perpetually wet and perpetually agitated leftist enclave of the Pacific Northwest, I’ve been giving serious thought to one of those reinforced “tactical” umbrellas.

    Between years of sport fencing, HEMA, and SCA I’m actually fairly handy with a blunt stick.

  3. I used to carry a large crown royal bag with about $20 in quarters in it. Grab the bag by the open end and it made a heck of a sap and if anybody asked, it was for parking meters.

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