7 Replies to “Deluded Dancing Monkey of the Day: Sarah Silverman.”

  1. She must not think much of the oath all service members swear to defend the Constitution. Though I imagine she doesn’t care as long as you violate your oath for her side. And it’s doubtful that she grasps that if oaths mean nothing there’s nothing stopping the military from siding with the folks she is against.
    There are many countries in the world that can serve as an example of this.

    1. Sedition is what describes her actions. which is a crime as defined in U.S 18 sec 2385. I doubt she realizes this, but if anyone should be caught in a crime involving sedition, and her tweet is used as the inspiration for the event, she might not like the process of being investigated, or criminally charged.

  2. Just before the election, a few lefty acquaintances feared there would be a coup by the military if Trump won. I blasted them, saying they were really showing their ignorance about the military, even more so than usual. Now lefties are thinking the military is going to join them in a coup? Wow, they are further demonstrating how ignorant and deluded they are.

  3. Hey, remember when any disagreement of the administration was grounds for being labelled an ‘insurrectionist’ and ‘traitor’ by Ladd Everitt and the CSGV? Anyone seen anything from them recently?

    1. Apart from that Twitter tiff Ladd got butt-spanked by Cam Edwards, I have not been paying too much attention to him or most everybody in the Gun Control movement. What are they gonna say? OPPOSE CAMPUS CARRY! MAKE IT SAFER FOR ANTIFA FASCIST TO BASH THE SHIT OUT OF PEOPLE FOR NO REASON! (?)

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