7 Replies to “Weapons of the Black Block in Seattle”

  1. I’m curious as to why none of the shield’s messages were displayed? I’m guessing ‘Rightwing scum your time has come’. But still, if this is evidence the police have then why not share the message these criminals are trying to get out? Anytime the police/media hide things from me I get suspicious.

    1. I think you’re right on the shield message.
      *Lot* of people I’m hearing from are begging for idiots like this to toe up on the street instead of the hit and run back to the mob tactics…

  2. Of course, if you are in a place like western Washington and you happen to be in a place occupied by these goons and must draw to defend yourself, you are more likely to end up like Michael Strickland than you are going home that night.

  3. …I don’t get it.

    I mean, I don’t want them to…but do they not realize that they can go buy ACTUAL weapons? Even if we’re not talking guns…there’s knives, baseball bats, etc. You improvise weapons because you don’t have access to real ones…

    1. If they were bright, they wouldnt be Black Bloc — they’re cannon fodder. The core leftists INTEND on seeing their blood spilled.

    2. Oh, and another aspect to it — the rioters don’t really believe it’s serious violence. They don’t get that if I was confronted by a thug with a shield and a club, I’d fear for my life and react accordingly. They’re used to going up against police who are strictly limited in how they can react — and who are kitted out in riot gear with face masks and armor.

      The reaction from the left will be shock that someone believed the clear threat from the weapons their rioters carry. From the core it will be feigned, but from the rank and file it will be real. You see the same mindset when they are dismayed that rock-throwing Palestinians are met with gunfire.

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