Pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen…or its liberal equivalent

You knew this was coming and more will be coming. The Islamic War on Women… kinda has a not-so-nice ring to it.

Then again, it was not a woman who hijacked two of your planes, killed 100 passengers and crew and helped kill 3,000 other Americans. I am guessing United will continue to cater to their every whim or risk having their planes used as lawn darts.

Hat tip Eddie C.

4 Replies to “Pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen…or its liberal equivalent”

  1. United again.
    Didn’t we already hear how United hates guitars? And now it treats women the same way, even in the US.
    The irony would be if this woman were a bleeding heart lib pushing hard for muslim immigration into the US.


    1. Unlikely, since she works in the oil and gas industry. That’s pure Gaia-hating evil, so she’s unlikely to be a lockstep leftist.



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