Shannon Watts does not like educating kids on guns

Yup, she is still pushing it.

Nothing new. It is old and well-known that they rather see kids get killed than accept to teach them gun safety. Educated kids do not create corpses and without corpses Shannon Watts stops being relevant.

8 Replies to “Shannon Watts does not like educating kids on guns”

  1. Strange, we seem to believe that training children about having safe sex will result in healthier outcomes. Why cant the same technique be used in gun safety?
    They also never seem to mention that the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s “Project Childsafe” has distributed somewhere over 35 million gun locks through local law enforcement to promote safe storage.
    In fact, they go farther than not mentioning it, but they go out and try to prevent it from happening,

    1. Mark took my point. We teach safe sex because “they’re going to do it anyway” so if we were as retarded as them, we’d argue that “they’re going to shoot up schools anyway…” And then hand out free boxes of bullets.

      But heaven forbid we teach people self-control or morality.

  2. So one could safely assume that Ms. Watts would take her children on a field trip to the woods without bothering to warn them of poison ivy, moss-slick rocks, or various sorts of potentially belligerent wildlife? Well, I suppose that’s ONE way to cleanse the gene pool…

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