Two is one and one is none.

“Two is one and one is none” and “Always have a back up and a back up for the back up. “

These and other similar sayings and maxims keep getting repeated in our culture and even go to “pollute” other aspects of our lives. And you know what? It is damned good advice.

Earlier this afternoon I got back from doing some errands and proceeded to unload my Every Day Carry gear on the usual location. When i  retrieved the first of the two mags I carry on a double pouch, something felt weird. Actually the magazine sounded weird… it should have made no sound at all. but instead it sounded like a maraca.

The rounds came off the magazine without an effort. The spring was not pushing the follower all the way up for some reason. I took apart the magazine and the usual parts came out plus some extra stuff that I eventually identified as broken parts of the follower.

That is supposed to be one part, not four. Behold an 8-round Kahr magazine’s autopsy. 
The way it is supposed to look.

No idea why it broke and I guess the follower tilted enough that held the spring but did not put tension on the rounds…or something like that. Only thing for sure is that I had a useless container of ammunition that would not do what was supposed to do if SHTF. My only saving grace is that I had another mag even though my round count would be decreased by a third from the original number.

Shit will break and if you are truly unlucky, it will be when Mr. Murphy decides. Have Plan A and have a back up plan for Plan B.

PS: Two followers have been ordered. Why two? Back up! Weren’t you paying attention?

This is not a speed reload.

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