More Stupid Economics

Ezra Klein of Vox Media is retarded.  There is no beating about the bush on that.  He posted this article today: Is Singapore’s “miracle” health care system the answer for America?

I was sort of half-assed reading it, when I came across a doozy of a statement that made my head reel and my nose start to bleed.

But Singapore isn’t a free market utopia. Quite the opposite, really. It’s a largely state-run health care system where the government designed the insurance products with a healthy appreciation for free market principles — the kind of policy Milton Friedman might have crafted if he’d been a socialist.

What the fuck was that?  If Milton Friedman was a socialist?

That’s like saying:

The Wealth of Nations is the book Ezra Klein would write if he didn’t have shit for brains.

Here is Milton Friedman giving a Nobel Prize winning tear-down of Socialism.

So the article goes on to explain how the Singapore system works with mandatory compliance.  Like Social Security on steroids.

Then I got towards the end of the article and read this.

Singapore manages a nanny state beyond anything Americans can imagine, or would permit.

Despite the country’s wealth, only 15 percent of Singaporeans have cars, because the government makes car ownership prohibitively expensive. There’s virtually no illegal drugs or gun crime in Singapore, in part because drug dealers are executed and guns are outlawed. Cigarette and alcohol taxes are enormous by American standards. As Matt Yglesias said in our episode of The Weeds discussing Singapore, “If you imagine America with no guns, less booze, much less drugs, and radically less driving, our public health outcomes would soar.”

No wonder the stupid shit-weasels at Vox love Singapore so much.  It’s a totalitarian state that takes your guns, booze, cars, and freedom and in return taxes the hell out of your for healthcare.  It’s a big government lover’s wet dream.

It’s not about healthcare, it’s about tyranny.

Sure, our healthcare system needs improvement, but wanting to impose the system of a nation that practices summary executions and caning, that deserves a big ‘ol ‘Murican “FUCK YOU.


Pushing all the buttons

An LGBT theater company is doing a gay version of the bible called “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told.

It’s their right.   I’m not going to stop them.   The thing is, it’s boring.  It’s not brave to tease Christians, they don’t get violent with you when you mock their religion.  The Left doesn’t like them.  No one in high society will defend them.

Counting coup was a Native American tradition of showing bravery by touching an enemy before striking them. 

This sort of thing is like counting coup with a golden retriever.  Not dangerous at all.

I’m inspired to get a theater off Broadway and do a show I’ll advertise as “the next Book of Mormon.”

It will be a comedy about the Sunni-Shia schism in Islam, done as a comedy based on the idea that the schism was the result of jealousy in a gay love triangle between the founders of each sect and Muhammed.

Of course Muhammed will be as effete a gay stereotype as I can make him.

For some reason I doubt the NYT will call it “brave” even though I’d have to spend the rest of my life in hiding afterwards.

Because I don’t feel safe

I haven’t heard from Cocks Not Glocks in a while.  I figured the vacuousness of their stupidity had caused them to collapse.

I was wrong.  They are back with this stupid video.

According to their founder, Jessica Jin:

“I think the issue is the normalization of violence. Rather than actually taking any serious steps towards addressing why students are so scared to go to school every day without a gun, we’re just talking about creating more violence, which is not a transformative or restorative solution whatsoever.”

Of course the bloodbath they these people prognosticate will happen when “‘virtually anyone with a license’ [is allowed to] to bring a gun on to school grounds,” never happens.

But to answer her rhetorical question “why students are so scared to go to school every day without a gun?”

“It’s people like you.”

Antisemitism on college campuses is up 45%, with some anti-Israel protests turning violent.

There are professors who make publish OpEds that “It’s Okay To Hate Republicans.”  Professors who get violent with students who support Trump.  Professors who call for the mass murder and collective punishment of Republicans.


There is Antifa on college campuses threatening violence and beating people with bike locks (this one may in fact be a Professor too), bottles, and sticks.  There are college Socialist groups creating “fight clubs” to “bash the fash,” meaning Republicans in general and Trump supporters in particular.

To top it all off, there was the mob violence of the “Battle of Berkeley.”

So you want to know why I want to carry a gun on college campuses.

Because I am a free speech-supporting, pro-Israel,  Jewish Republican, who won’t apologize for my straight, white privilege.

Or according to your people, a racist, homo/trans-phobic, fascist, genocidal, apartheid-supporting  Nazi who deserves to get bashed (possibly to death).

It is no exaggeration to say that on some college campuses I am behind enemy lines, if not completely in the belly of the beast.  After watching the Berkeley police stand down during the riots, I know that if a few Love-Trumps-Hate-Progressives try to kick my teeth in for having the audacity to believe in the principle “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it,” the cops won’t be jumping in to save me.

I have to be ready to protect myself from the likes of you.

Now that I say that out loud, makes perfect sense why you want to ban guns on campus.

It makes it easier for your masked compatriots to kick my teeth in.

California Culture

I caught a documentary on the History Channel, LA Riots: 25 Years Later.

It was fascinating.

Here is the trailer (it actually premiered April 23rd)

Early on in the documentary, it was discussed how the police were told to pull back or stand down.

It was felt that during the Watts Riots in 1965, the presence of police antagonized the crowds and made the riots worse.  The decision was made to hold the police back and allow the people to vent their frustration and not have the police exacerbating the tension on by arresting those throwing rocks or engaged in minor crimes.

The result of allowing the riots to get out of hand was over 50 dead, 2,000 wounded, and $1 BILLION in property damage.

As it turns out, when dealing with a riot, it is like dealing with a wildfire.

You put it out while it is small, before it spreads and burns down the whole forest.  Assuming that it will burn out on its own is just inviting disaster.

Think about that lesson learned in 1992 when you read that Berkeley police had a stand down order when it came to campus speaker riots.

Lets be clear.


Causes this:

California had three chances to learn this, 1965, 1992, and now 2017.

They won’t.  They are blinded by ideology.  Maintaining law and order in The Golden State is not part of how they do things.


Brotherly Love Trumps Hate

“Love Trumps Hate.”  That’s what we keep hearing from the Left.

Well in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, some loving, tolerant individuals decided to celebrate their annual procession around our sun by bludgeoning a pinata in the likeness of Republican Senator Pat Toomey.

Once the effigy had been knocked to the ground, it was stomped on to the cheers and celebration of the onlookers.

To add insult to injury, the pinata was filled with condoms and lube.

I find myself suddenly reminded of the Two Minute Hate from Orwell’s magnum opus, 1984.

“The horrible thing about the Two Minutes Hate was not that one was obliged to act a part, but that it was impossible to avoid joining in. Within thirty seconds any pretence was always unnecessary. A hideous ecstasy of fear and vindictiveness, a desire to kill, to torture, to smash faces in with a sledge hammer, seemed to flow through the whole group of people like an electric current, turning one even against one’s will into a grimacing, screaming lunatic. And yet the rage that one felt was an abstract, undirected emotion which could be switched from one object to another like the flame of a blowlamp.”

This is a sickness.

I have never been to a birthday party or NRA meeting that had a Pinata of Diane Feinstein or Chuck Schumer filled with ammo.

It doesn’t take much to go from smashing in the face of a pinata to smashing in the face of a person when consumed by this much hate.

This is going to get worse before it gets better.


Hunting over bait

I caught this video online of some private security fending off some Somali pirates from a container ship.

Not bad, needs more 50 cal.  A think a Barrett M82 throwing some API hate at those boats would be a really good deterrent.

Also, starting at 25 seconds in, the guy behind the camera starts bouncing some rounds off the railing he’s hiding behind.

Lesson: cover is important but watch your muzzle.



Distance is your friend

Two videos have emerged from the Antifa protests of Antifa using bike l9ks on the end of chains as impact weapons like a medieval mace.   They are easy to conceal, hit hard, and don’t attract as much attention as a stick.


That whack to the head sounded hard.  The guy was bleeding badly within seconds.   I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had a skull fracture.  That is potentially lethal.

I don’t go to protests. 

If you do, think about wearing a helmet.   A good DOT approved three-quarter motorcycle helmet would be my recommendation.

Helmeted or not, protest or parking lot confrontation over a door ding, DISTANCE IS YOUR FRIEND.   Don’t let someone that angry at you close enough to you.  The more distance they have to close before touching you, the more time you have to react.

Also, if somebody ever tried to hit me with s bike lock, I’m going to shoot them in the liver.  This is why I don’t go to protests, you can’t carry at them.