Alexandria lessons learned

Following the GOP Congressional baseball practice shooting in Alexandria, MSNBC correspondent Joy Reid proceeded to explain to the nation how the shooting was all the Republican’s fault.  Apparently the GOP position on things like healthcare made the GOP’s skirt too short to wear in public.

This followed on the heals of others saying similar things online, which Miguel and I covered previously.

Then a member of the NJ DNC, James Devine, made a tweet including the hashtag #HuntRepublicans.

Rather than apologize, he doubled down.  This would have ended the career of a Republican staffer, the Democrat marches on.

Some sycophant on Kickstarter is raising funds for an Elizabeth Warren action figure, who in the promo video, beats up Donald Trump.

The lesson we learned from the Alexandria shooting is: if you are a Republican, a conservative, or something other than an Kool-Aid drinking Leftist, violence directed at you will be excused or maybe even celebrated.

Learning that, Bernie Sanders was on TV, with Elizabeth Warren and called for supporters to “fight back any way you can.”

Around the same time, an author on Medium posted an opinion about the Alexandria shooting and Capitol Police Officer Crystal Griner, with this bit of advice:

So: If you see them drowning.  If you see them in a burning building.  If they are teetering on the edge of a cliff.  If their ships are sinking.  If their planes are crashing.  If their cars are skidding.  If they are overdosing.  If their hearts have tellingly arrested.  If they are choking in a restaurant.  If they are bleeding out in an emergency room.  If the ground is crumbling beneath them.  If they are in a park and they turn their weapons on each other:

Do nothing.

“If you seen them walking down the street and they start to cry, each time you meet, walk on by.”

Least of all put your life on the line for theirs, and do not dare think doing so, putting your life on the line for theirs, gives you reason or cause to feel celestial.

Saving the life of those that would kill you is the opposite of virtuous.

Let. Them. Fucking. Die.

And smile a bit when you do.

That is a call to deny  person they basic tenets of humanity because of their politics and skin color.  This post was shared publicly by a college professor as an act of Social Justice.

Antifa has responded to Bernie’s call for action by calling for “all manner of violence” against Trump Supporters.  They have made it clear from their very own website, that what they want to destroy is normal, civil, society.

That’s you at the pointy end of the bayonet.  Even if you’ve never worn a MAGA hat.  They don’t care.  Either you are with them behind the rifle or at the receiving end of it.

So what I have learned in the last week is that You, I , we… we normal people who go about our lives and our jobs and don’t spend every day seething in rage at Trump’s very existence are political untermensch.  We can be attacked without condemnation.  When we are left bloody in the streets, their side will be encouraged to walk around us and let us die.

My take away from all of this is, my daily load out now includes a long gun and full trauma kit in my truck.  Every day.

I never expected that si vis pacem para bellum applied to my fellow countrymen.  It does now.


Don’t be a Dick (Durbin)

Illinois Corruptocrat  Senator Dick Durbin expressed an opinion we’ve seen before; namely that campus carry limits free speech.  

The idea of Antifa protesting, professors bashing people with bike locks, or Social Justice fruit cakes patrolling their campus with baseball bats to stop thoughtcrime, that’s the exemption to the rule not not cause for concern. 

See your gun makes Dick Durbin shrink with fear. 

Antifa are the Leftists who can do no wrong that can’t be justified.

Some pigs are more equal than others.  At least they are not trying to hide that belief any more.  It’s just too bad our rights are oftrn subject to the whims of a politician who is such a Dick (Durbin).

His Majesty’s D*ck

My wife wasn’t the biggest fan of my last post, as tongue-in-cheek as I tried to make it.  So as a reprieve, I’m going to let out my usual rage monster.

The Emperor’s New Clothes is a children’s story by Hans Christian Andersen.  In it, two con artists sucker a king out of his money by “selling” him an beautiful suit of clothes that is invisible to stupid people.  The king can’t see the clothes, but doesn’t want to seem stupid, so plays that he can see the clothes.  He throws a parade to show off his new suit and all the people ooh and ahh, pretending they can see the suit too so they don’t seem stupid.  The hero of the story is the little kid that is the first to say the king is naked and reveal the con.

It feels like in the current, post modern era, we are living in the universe of The Emperor’s New Clothes.

This is the Romphim.  It is a romper for men.  There is not a single man in middle America who goes to work and does something productive for society that would be wear that.  Ever.

This is a picture from Fashion Week.  It is the ugliest thing I’ve seen.  What woman in middle America would do that to her face, unless she was suffering from severe daddy issues?


Here is a video about how terrible modern art is.

Here is a picture of Kathy Griffin doing post modern comedy.

Emma “Mattress Girl” Sulkowicz, no longer in the spotlight for promoting a rape hoax, is now a performance artist with a BDSM show about Trump.

What is it that we are told about high fashion and modern art?  If you don’t understand it it is because you are not sophisticated enough.

Here a bunch of unemployable gender studies major SJWs from Evergreen State looking like a bunch of clowns about to bash your Nazi face in.

Why were they protesting? Because they got called out for wanting to kick white people off campus because that is discrimination and segregation.

Obama wanted us in the Paris Accords which would have cost the US over $2.5 Trillion and MAYBE cause a reduction in global climate change by 0.05 degrees 100 years from now.

This was the same president that pushed healthcare reform that was insolvent from the start.

This is the same ideology that tells us that Islamic Terrorism is caused by poverty and “Western imperialism” and has nothing to do with Islam.

Have you ever noticed how all these types of people tend to hand out together?  Hillary Clinton, Lena Dunham, Obama, Anna Wintour?

Modern Progressive society is a bunch of wealthy people, who think they are kings, hanging out together, living in a bubble where they think all their ideas are the best.  It’s all a farce but they all buy into it.

When someone calls them out on their bad ideas, they react, sometimes violently.  They say that the people who don’t understand them are stupid, knuckle dragging, provincial, fly-over state, rubes, who are racist and bigoted.

Here’s the thing.  We can all see the king’s dick.  He’s waving it in the breeze and we’re sick and tired of having to say how nice his suit is when all we can focus on is wrinkly royal ballsack.

We’re tired of being berated and attacked for wanting to address real issues.

You wan’t to understand the Red State/Blue State divide?  Here is is.

We’re done with seeing the king’s dick and really need him to put on some fucking pants.

Zoolander theory

My news feed at work popped up with this headline A Model Shared Her Bathing Suit Photos To ‘Offend’ Body-Shamers.  It was sponsored by Refinery29 which is a fashion and social justice online magazine.

My first thought was “oh god, what sort of land-whale do they have parading around trying to me a model this week?”

The answer is “a hot one.”

Offends?  I think she spelled “turns on” wrong.

I was reminded of the controversy when Sports Illustrated made Ashley Graham their cover girl for their swimsuit edition, because she was a size 16.  How dare SI put this fat disgusting pig on the cover of their magazine.

This one:

All I can say is:

I’m not understanding what the problem is here.

How is she considered anything but gorgeous?  The Greatest Generation would have painted her on the noses of their B-17’s before bombing the Nazis into submission.

Then it dawned on me.  Way back in the early 1970’s, President Richard Nixon though that terrible woman’s fashion was a conspiracy by gay men that hated women to make them look ugly.  Really.

I don’t think he was all that wrong.  I just think the conspiracy has evolved.

*Dons tinfoil hat*

I think that gay fashion designers have been trying to gaslight straight men into thinking that these skinny, anorexic supermodels are hot.

How better to normalize gayness than making straight men get all hot and bothered by waify models that are practically indistinguishable from twinks?

If you can’t tell a female supermodel from a boy does it really matter which one you are attracted to?

I for one am not falling for this.  You can’t tell me that there is something wrong with a model that is undeniably a woman (and at least 10% boobs by volume).

It’s time we take back the culture, one full figured woman at a time.



*P.S. This is post is at least 50% tongue-in-cheek.

Inside the asylum

I watched episode of Vice that covered the protests at Evergreen State and I just had to make a quick post about it.

Watch the preview:

Call me prejudiced, but every single one of those kids interviewed on the side of the protesters was a freak show.

The hair colors, very visible tattoos, face piercings and makeup, the finger snapping instead of clapping; it all add up to make each one of those kids an unemployable disaster.  Even if they majored in something useful.


It’s like the coloration of poison dart frogs.

It screams “I’m a toxic death monster, don’t interact we me at all.”