Self identification

It’s been just under two days since the bombing in Manchester, UK.

I’m starting to see the usual “the bomber was not a Muslim” OpEds that follow a radical Islam attack.

I’m getting a little tired of the same people who tell me that all a biological man has to do to become a woman is identify as one; but a man from a religious Muslim family, who regularly attended Mosque, whose brother is a teacher at sn Islamic school, who traveled to the Middle East to train with al Qaeda, isn’t really a Muslim. 


I saw this over at Twitchy covering another fight for $15 march.

Let me get this straight:

Mr. Johnson has 25 years continuous work experience at McDonald’s and has yet to earn more than $15/hour?

The Chicago minimum wage is currently $10.50/hour, going up to $11 in July.

With 25 years of employment he’s not worth $4.50 more an hour than minimum?

What does this guy do?

I don’t think someone who can’t justify a $15/hour wage with 25 years experience is the poster child you want for your movement.

Just a hint.

Hate Groups

In a previous post, Miguel showed a post from the Nation Gun Victims Action Council.  I have never been to their site or their Facebook page before.

I went to take a look.

Holy shit.  They are the Stormfront of the anti-gun movement.

I mean that with the greatest degree of sincerity.

I tried to find a definition of a hate group.  It was harder than I thought.  The “leader” in defining hate groups is the South Poverty Law Center.  Unfortunately, according to them hate groups are pretty much only Christian and White.   The list the New Black Panthers as a hate group but not Black Lives Matter.  They call out the Jewish Defense League but not  the Muslim Student Association or Students for Justice in Palestine, which actually orchestrates antisemitic violence on college campuses.  They are too partisan for an impartial definition.

The best I could find was from Wikipedia.

A hate group is a social group that advocates and practices hatred, hostility, or violence towards members of a race, ethnicity, nation, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or any other designated sector of society. According to the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a hate group’s “primary purpose is to promote animosity, hostility, and malice against persons belonging to a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity/national origin which differs from that of the members of the organization.”[1] Scholars find it difficult to define the term hate group and “whether a particular group is to be classified as a hate group is sometimes in the eye of the beholder.”[2]

Continuing through the Wikipedia page on Hate Groups, was the section of the article on internet hate groups.

While many hate sites are explicitly antagonistic or violent, others may appear patriotic or benign, and this façade may contribute to the appeal of the group.[35] Hate group websites work towards the following goals: to educate group members and the public, to encourage participation, to claim a divine calling and privilege, and to accuse out-groups (e.g. the government or media). Groups that work effectively towards these goals via an online presence tend to strengthen their sense of identity, decrease threat levels from out-groups, and recruit more new members.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC), in its 2009 iReport, identified more than 10,000 problematic hate and terrorist websites and other Internet postings. The report includes hate websites, social networks, blogs, newsgroups, YouTube and other video sites. The findings illustrate that as the Internet continues to grow, extremists find new ways to seek validation for their hateful agendas and to recruit members.

Creators of hate pages and groups on Facebook choose their target, set up their page or group, and then recruit members.[36] Anyone can create a Facebook group and invite followers to post comments, add pictures and participate in discussion boards. A Facebook page is similar, with the exception that one must “like” the page in order to become a member. Because of the ease of creating and joining such groups, many so-called hate groups exist only in cyberspace.[32] United Patriots Front, an internet-based Australian far-right anti-immigration and neo-nazi organisation formed in 2015[37] has been described as a hate group.[38]

In the eye of this beholder, the Nation Gun Victims Action Council is a hate group.  I believe the internet hate group definition best describes the state of mind of the the NGVAC.  I think that the NGVAC as a hate group is one that models itself on some of the worst antisemitic tropes and hate online.

One of the oldest and pervasive antisemitic canard is that the Jews control the government.  If you were to go to a random antisemitic website  you will see claims that the Congress is beholden to Jews, the US goverment fights wars on behalf of Israel or the Israel Lobby, or any number of other insinuation that the tiny minority of Jews in the world wields enormous subversive political and economic power in the US to the detriment of the American people.

That last sentiment is exactly what the NGVAC believes about the NRA.

The NGVAC asserts that the NRA and its 5 million members control congress, using their financial might, for the benefit of NRA members but to the detriment and death of millions more American citizens.

It is the trope of the small cabal wielding undue, subversive influence.

On the topic of subversive influence and the Nazi idea of Jews draining a nation’s economy, the NGVAC also promotes the lie that the NRA/law abiding gun owners undermine America’s economy by using government to fund their hobby.

When you read the actual article, what gives is the $229 Billion total that the government spends on everything from reimbursing hospitals for gang members that get shot to court room and prison time for criminals who commit gun crimes.  This is what they define as our “hobby.”  They claim since we law abiding gun owners are not paying for the cost of criminal activity, we are draining the resources of the goverment for our own pleasure.

Lastly in this theme is that the NRA actually supports ISIS terrorism by making it easier for terrorist to buy guns.  If controlling the congress and draining the coffers of the US isn’t enough, we are arming terrorist.  This of course, is a debunked lie, but that doesn’t matter to the bigot spreading hate.

What would a piece of antisemitic propaganda be without a grotesque stereotype of a Jew as an an ugly, hooked nosed, sickly looking caricature.

Born in Nazi Germany, it is a creation that exists all over the Jew hating internet and is disgustingly pervasive.

The NGVAC can’t seem to help themselves but produce cartoons of what they envision the NRA member/gun owner stereotype to be.  A grotesquely obese, stupid, reactionary, aggressive, redneck, with metal illness, a big gun and a small penis.


If spreading lies and slander about gun owners wasn’t enough.  The NGVAC and its internet supporters take every opportunity to wish violence on gun owners.

To the extent that they celebrate when a gun owner is tragically killed.

The people posting for the NGVAC and many of their Facebook supporters have a seething hatred for the NRA and gun owners.  They are willing to spread detestable lies about us, mock and stereotype us, and accuse us undermining our country.

Like other bigoted groups, they try to justify their bigotry.  They want to make their hatred seem reasonable.  Just as a member of a white supremacist group would argue that blacks are a danger to society by cherry picking a handful of crimes committed by black offenders, the NGVAC will slander all legal gun owners, NRA members, and concealed carry permit holders by cherry picked anecdotes.

They rely on insults and grotesque cartoons to whip their supporters into a frenzy of hate against gun owners.

Their Facebook page parallels the worst of Neo-Nazi or White Supremacist boards for lies and hate.

The only difference is that they target gun owners instead of a race or religion.

Although one could argue that since much of gun ownership is cultural (as in gun culture and hunting culture) that is passed down in families, anti-gun owner bigotry would be equivalent to other forms of hatred directed to cultural identities.

I think it is clear that the National Gun Violence Action Council is less a pro-gun control group and more of an anti-gun owner internet hate group, blood brothers in spirit to Stormfront.

Why so violent

I was doing a longer post on the Nation Gun Victims Action Council and went to their Facebook page.

I found this post.

The Nation Gun Victims Action Council is vehemently anti gun violence.   Seems that they are not so much anti other forms of violence.

They don’t mind cutting off heads of those they disagree with.

I guess when ISIS blows people up, runs over them with cars, or slits throats and chops off heads, that’s okay by the NGVAC.  As long as they don’t use guns they are happy to help.

F**k you liberal elites

Miguel made a post yesterday National Gun Victims Action Council: Gay cousins eating burgers in Indiana or something like that, containing this image.

It reminded me of a post I saw over at Gay Patriot Do Hollywood Writers Know Any Actual Christians?

That post was about a Law & Order: SVU episode called Conversion  in which a church in Indiana encourages its straight members to rape of gay out of its gay members.

Yes, it did that.

I lived in Indiana for five years.  My wife is from Indiana.  My in-laws still live there.  On behalf of the Hoosier state: fuck you liberal elites to death.

I can just see the NBC writer’s room in Manhattan:

Writer 1: “We need a plot that it totally depraved and offensive.”

Writer 2: “How about we do an episode where a religious group uses rape as a form of punishment.  Like how in the Middle East women can be raped for not wearing their veils.”

Writer 3: “What the fuck [Writer 2]?  You can’t say shit like that about Muslims.  Make it about Christians.”

Writer 2: “OK, OK.  But Christians don’t wear veils.”

Writer 1: “But they hate gays, so how about they rape the gay out of them?”

Writer 2: “But nobody would believe a Church like that exists in New York.”

Writer 3: “They will if we set the Church in flyover country.”

Writer 1: “Yeah, Pence hates the gays, he wants to electrocute them.  He’s from Indiana, let’s set this in Indiana.  People will believe that shit happens over there.” 

SVU Viewer in NYC: “I can totally believe that there is a gay raping Church in Indiana.  That’s probably were Pence got married.”

SVU Viewer in Middle America: “Fuck New York.”

I am tired of this kind of libelous, hateful shit being spewed by a handful of people from NYC who have never traveled west of Philadelphia or south of Washington DC.

The elite of the North East Corridor has become Versailles under Louis the XVI.  It is a cesspool of out of touch, wealthy debauchery, that shows noting but patronizing contempt for everybody outside of it.



Impeach Trump

I’m tired of all the innuendo and conspiracy theories about Russia when it comes to discussing Trump.

I want to see Trump impeached.

The Republicans should be calling for it.

Remember, impeachment is just a trial by the legislature.   Bill Clinton was impeached and acquitted in the Senate.

Impeach Trump.  

Make all the evidence open to public view.   Have all testimony done under oath.  Expose everything to the light of day.

If he’s guilty, it will be clear and he will be forced to resign.

If he’s not guilty, all of this will go away.

I think the Democrats are using a call for impeachment to rally their paranoid, Trump hating base, but they know they have no evidence.  

I say call their bluff.

Let’s do this live on CSPAN with the threat of perjury attached.

Trump’s enemies

I knew way back during the Democrat primary, that Hillary was going to have a much harder time getting elected than she or anybody on the Left thought.

I knew this because of the answer she gave to a very particular question.

Q: “You’ve all made a few people upset over your political careers. Which enemy are you most proud of?”

Hillary: “Well, in addition to the NRA, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the Iranians. Probably the Republicans.”

Yes, Hillary Clinton declared the five million or so NRA members and 26% of Americans who are Republicans to be her enemies.  Enemies.

Merriam Webster defines the word enemy this way:

So according to Hillary, NRA members and Republicans are a hostile force, one that she must injure or overthrow.

Of the five primary candidates on stage, only one, Jim Webb, did not list some group of Americans as his enemies.  There is a reason he is no longer a Democrat.

Flash forward to yesterday.  Trump says something dumb and grandiose so the earth will continue to revolve around the sun.

Enter Keith Olbermann and a host of other Leftists.

These people are falling over themselves to declare themselves the ENEMY of a sitting president.  Enemy.  As in potentially violent adversary.

There is no crossing the divide here.  There is no mending relationships here.

This is Jews vs. Palestinians.   And yes, the Democrats are the Palestinians.  They hate everyone not like them with religious fervor, claim to be oppressed when they are not, and the media ignores or justifies their fanatical violence.

Does the idea of Trump being the enemy apply only to Trump or to his supporters too?  The evidence suggests the Democrats have adopted “if you are not with us you are against us” as their mantra on this.  With this being the attitude, Antifa is only the tip of the iceberg.

This is a party declaring the other half of the country their ENEMIES.

I’m still trying to get over just how terrible that it.  T

They hate you.  They want to defeat you.

This will lead to the balkanization of America.