Unprincipled Bigots

In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting I have seen a number of articles and social media posts suggesting how the US can implement more gun control with a Republican Congress and Executive.

The answer is: be unprincipled bigots.

You read that correctly.  Forget maintaining the pretense of fighting racism,  there are voices on the Left that want America to embrace bigotry as a means to an end.  In essence, become like they are.

Here are three examples which I believe are the zenith of this mentality.

First, from the New York Times writer Thomas Friedman, If Only Stephen Paddock Were a Muslim.

If only Stephen Paddock had been a Muslim … If only he had shouted “Allahu akbar” before he opened fire on all those concertgoers in Las Vegas … If only he had been a member of ISIS … If only we had a picture of him posing with a Quran in one hand and his semiautomatic rifle in another …

If all of that had happened, no one would be telling us not to dishonor the victims and “politicize” Paddock’s mass murder by talking about preventive remedies.

Really?  No one would politicize it?

Then there would be immediate calls for a commission of inquiry to see what new laws we need to put in place to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Then we’d be “weighing all options” against the country of origin.

But what happens when the country of origin is us?

What happens when the killer was only a disturbed American armed to the teeth with military-style weapons that he bought legally or acquired easily because of us and our crazy lax gun laws?

Then we know what happens: The president and the Republican Party go into overdrive to ensure that nothing happens. Then they insist — unlike with every ISIS-related terror attack — that the event must not be “politicized” by asking anyone, particularly themselves, to look in the mirror and rethink their opposition to common-sense gun laws.

This OpEd was completely disjointed, but if I understand his thesis, if Paddock were Muslim the GOP would “do something” because they hate Muslims but won’t because of Paddock wasn’t Muslim and the NRA.

On crushing ISIS, our president and his party are all in. On asking the N.R.A. for even the tiniest moderation, they are AWOL. No matter how many innocents are fatally shot — no matter even that one of their own congressional leaders was critically wounded playing baseball — it’s never time to discuss any serious policy measures to mitigate gun violence.

It’s also corrupt. Because it’s driven by money and greed — by gunmakers and gun sellers and oil and coal companies, and all the legislators and regulators they’ve bought and paid to keep silent. They know full well most Americans don’t want to take away people’s rights to hunt or defend themselves. All we want to take away is the right of someone to amass a military arsenal at home and in a hotel room and use it on innocent Americans when some crazy rage wells up inside him. But the N.R.A. has these cowardly legislators in a choke hold.

First of all, let’s remember just how hard these same people fought the “Muslim Travel Ban” which really restricted travel of non US citizens from nations that had little to no control over the terrorists active in their countries.  So while ISIS is taking lives all over the world (including in the US) we can’t stop people who have no Constitutionally protected civil liberties (non citizens in foreign lands) from entering our country.

In opposition to that, Friedman thinks that is Paddock were Muslim, GOP bigotry would cause Republicans to throw the idea of gun rights out the window.

He closes with some truth.

So there is only one remedy: Get power. If you are as fed up as I am, then register someone to vote or run for office yourself or donate money to someone running to replace these cowardly legislators with a majority for common-sense gun laws. This is about raw power, not persuasion. And the first chance we have to change the balance of power is the 2018 midterm elections.

Yep, it’s not about rights, it about using emotion to bully others and bend them to your will.

Then there is this Tweet.

Same thesis as the NYT article.  If only the 3 Million Muslims in the US bought guns, the Islamophobic US would abandon all of its principles and rush to ban guns.  Never mind that we didn’t do that after the Nidal Hassan shooting at Ft. Hood, or the 2015 Chattanooga Shootings, or the San Bernardino Shooting, or the Pulse Night Club Shooing.  We, literally, stuck to our guns and said that a few bad actors won’t cause us to change our mind on gun rights.  If law abiding Muslims* want to own guns, we’re still going to stick to our principles.

*Incidentally, doesn’t this Tweet imply that most of those Muslims are potential terrors who shouldn’t own guns?  So much for “not all Muslims.”

Leaving Islam alone, a writer for The Root decided to employ the same line of thought but using what he assumes is the GOP’s other target of hatred: black people.

5 Ways Black People Can Force Commonsense Gun Control.

They wouldn’t do it after the Las Vegas massacre. They wouldn’t do it after Gabby Giffords was shot. They wouldn’t even do it after Sandy Hook. Maybe there is no one who can break the toxic romance that America has with guns …

I bet black people could.

You know we have to do all the hard shit. We picked all the cotton. We created every iota of American music, dance and culture. We made this country an economic superpower. We fight disproportionately in every war. A black man gave this country universal health care. We invented the modern air conditioner. If it wasn’t for black people, this country would still consist of poor, backward hillbillies ballroom-dancing to Appalachian bluegrass tunes and sweating their asses off while coughing up phlegm.

You’re welcome, white people.

Sure… that’s not totally bigoted right there.

Since we have to do everything around here, I guess I’ll get up tomorrow and solve this whole gun issue. Here’s how I plan to do it.

What are his steps:

1. Get lots of black people to buy guns.
2. Call gun ownership a form of resistance.
3. Make it cool.
4. We might have to threaten the animals.
5. Lie.

He breaks off of these down, but in a nutshell: black people should buy a lot of guns to scare white people.  Then, because white people steal (appropriate) everything they like from black people, black people should make gun control cool and then white people will appropriate that too and implement it.

His last point, Lie, is the most telling of all.

I’ve learned that troglodyte, middle-American conservatives will believe anything if you say it loud enough and frequently enough. Somehow, fake facts seep into their porous brains, no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

Perhaps we could pay Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly to join our cause. Those bastards would do anything for money. They could tell their followers there is a little-known clause in Obamacare that allows people to trade abortions for banana clips. Maybe we could fool those idiots into putting their guns down by playing on their racism and fear of black dicks. We could just mention that there was a recent study that shows gunpowder makes white women prefer black penis, or tell them that every time someone uses the gun-show loophole, a black penis grows an inch.

As yes, white people are stupid racists with tiny penises.  From what I can tell, The Root is essentially the Daily Stormer for Black Lives Matter.

Really, this is turning the projection up to 11.  The unprincipled racists on the far Left want Republicans to act just like them, i.e., abandon any adherence to the Constitution in favor of using bigotry to justify the taking away of people’s rights.

Somehow this is the more moral position.

I think this meme sums up their belief the best.

Forgive me if I don’t want to embrace the hate and abandon my principles.

A bit of slapstick

I have the urge to do a comedy sketch that would be sort of a like a Three Stooges bit, but staring Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner, and Bill Clinton, where they all get into fights chasing after the same young woman in a short skirt.  I could call it “Three guys, a girl, and a felony charge.”

Bloomie losing his grip

Chicago imposed a $0.01 per Oz tax on sodas and sugary drinks.

It was supposed to encourage healthy living.

Of course Chicago would focus on something like that and not its homicide rate.  The  leading cause of death of young men in Chicago is not high fructose corn syrup but high velocity lead.

After much backlash, Chicago is now repealing the tax realizing that it hurts working class people and the poor the hardest.

Michael Bloomberg, on his never ending quest to micromanage everyone’s life in America, spent $3 Million pushing for this tax.  Previously his big soda ban was shot down in NYC.

This is great news.  Bloomberg’s grip is slipping.  If he can’t win on a sugar tax in one of America’s most progressive cities, he can’t win on even more contentious issues elsewhere.

He’s overextended his grasp.  People are no longer willing to put up with his overbearing nannying.

Maybe he’ll learn his lesson and just retire, but I don’t think his personality will let him.

I’m happy to watch the man bankrupt himself tiling at political windmills, fighting the not-good fight to remove all joy, happiness, and personal responsibility from people.

Badger Dumb

This video is short but to the point.

A bunch of students with Cocks Not Glocks protested a Katie Pavlich speech at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Wisconsin doesn’t have campus carry.  What these girls are protesting is a speech by a conservative journalist.

Congratulations, Cocks Not Glocks, you have become part of the censorious Left.

Here’s the thing about this video, it is just ridiculous.  Leave the argument by the pro gun rights girl out of it.

The first thing you notice is the Disarm Hate rainbow sign.

What hate?  This is left over from the Pulse Shooting.  It is meaningless in the discussion of concealed carry on campus.  But some anti-gun group printed it so it had to come out whether it’s relevant or not.

Next, is the chant “this is what democracy looks like” as a response to a pro-gun argument.  Trying to drown out someone with an opposing view is not what democracy looks like.  Democracy looks like people voting.

Last, but not least, they are waving dildos.

Yep, they brought out the dildos.

The University of Wisconsin – Madison cost between $25,244 and $47,544 per year, depending on in state or out of state tuition.  It is considered one of the “Public Ivy” universities.

All I can think, watching this, is how bad I feel for the parents of these girls.  Shelling out tens of thousands of dollars to see their daughters not learn how to make a reasoned argument and instead shout nonsensically in public waving artificial penises.

Somewhere there is a dad, seeing his, staring absently into his morning coffee, realizing that all those hours of overtime he put in to give his little girl the best shot in life he can, were wasted.

The Hollywood Cesspool

I am absolutely not shocked about anything I’ve seen regarding the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal.

We find out that Harvey Weinstein, one of the most power men in Hollywood and a kingmaker in politics has spent the last 30 years sexually harassing, sexually abusing, molesting, groping, and raping his way through a who’s who of Hollywood starlets.  Not just that, but the entire industry has been covering for him because everybody knew it was happening.

In 2013, Seth MacFarlane joked about it at the Oscars.  So did 30 Rock in 2012.

The Hollywood outrage over the exposure of Weinstein as a monster is just tired.  They were all complicit in the cover up because of the money and power and prestige that Weinstein had to offer.  It seems that the only aspect of this that upsets them is that Weinstein’s abuses are now on display for us normals and no longer an ivory tower open-secret.

These are of course the people to pretend to be our moral betters, lecturing us through their artistic medium about just how bad we are on things like healthcare and gun laws.

The same late night TV hosts who use their opening monologues to lecture and rant against everything Trump does and Middle America likes were eerily silent on Weinstein.

Weinstein was a major political donor and bundler, to the tune of over $2 Million in the last few elections, all to Democrats.

So it is no surprise to anyone that it took Hillary Clinton nearly a week to condemn him, in very weak terms, and not give back his money.

The statement by the Obamas was also pathetic, and they are not returning the money either.

I have written about the abuse of New York City’s gravity knife laws, twice, how NYC deliberately misinterprets the law to boost arrest numbers by targeting construction workers and laborers for carrying common pocket knives they use on the job because it is easier to harass (usually minority) working class people than it is to bust actual criminals.  This abuse has been lead by NY district attorney Cy Vance.

The Weinstein scandal revealed something interesting about Vance.  He was handed incriminating evidence on Weinstein on a silver platter, and turned down the opportunity to prosecute.

Two sources close to the police investigation said that they had no reason to doubt Gutierrez’s account of the incident. One of them, a police source, said that the department had collected more than enough evidence to prosecute Weinstein. But the other source said that Gutierrez’s statements about her past complicated the case for the office of the Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, Jr. After two weeks of investigation, the District Attorney’s office decided not to file charges. 

After Vance dropped the charges, he received $10,000 from Weinstein’s lawyers.  Sexual assault AND corruption.

The rich and powerful in Hollywood and politics are closing ranks to protect one of their own.  I am honestly not shocked about any of this.

Unfortunately, I think the worst is yet to come.

Weinstein’s name is being removed from all the TV shows he has produced, but he’s still being allowed to keep the money from them.

The outrage will die down once the shock factor is gone.

Hollywood will stop talking about this as soon as they can get away with not having to fake outrage on camera, because it is in their best interests to do so.

After an inappropriately short period of time, the next distraction will hit America and these same people will go back to lecturing us about our moral failings from their award show pulpits.

In the end, Weinstein will keep his money and retire to some private island somewhere to spend his days in luxury, rubbing one out to the memories of the times he coerced an A-Lister into sex.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, will spend one day in prison over the three decades of sexual violence and corruption that occurred.

That is the sickest thing of all.

Choice of Weapon, Pt. 2

Acid attacks are common in the Middle East and Central Asia.  Usually targeted at women who reject a man’s advancements or proposal, or shame the family, the are on the rise in even more economically developed countries in the that region of the world,  such as Iran and India.

Due to some European policy decisions, London is the acid attack capital of Europe and is at epidemic levels.

Having already banned guns, and nearly outlawed knives, London has to severely limit the sales of acid and other household chemicals to stop these attacks.

Evil, savage people will always figure out how to hurt someone if that is their desire.  No amount of bans and restrictions will stop that.

When London has outlawed every weapon, chemical, and sharp or heavy object, these people will turn to eye gouging with their fingers, I guarantee it.


Choice of weapon

The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence gives California an “A” grade for its gun laws.  Likewise the Brady Campaign gives California an “A-” grade.

So for two major anti-gun groups, California is a model for what gun ownership in the US should look like.

California is also a crazy Progressive state.  Crazy, as in they lost their damn minds.

Recently California signed into law a bill that makes it no longer a felony to deliberately infect a person with HIV.

You read that right.

If a person knows they are HIV positive, and does not disclose that fact, and deliberately puts another person at risk of contracting an incurable, life altering, and ultimately terminal disease…. so what.

According to California, it is a worse crime to “stigmatize people with HIV” than it is to deliberately infect them with a terminal illness.

We’re not just talking about sex here, even people who know they are HIV positive and donate blood, are safe from prosecution.

This is SUPER dangerous, as HIV can still be transmitted even when the viral load is below the detection limits.  A person can be HIP+, not tell the blood bank, the blood bank tests the blood, no HIV is detected, the recipient still contracts the virus because California doesn’t want to stigmatize HIV.

Having read the text of the bill I’m pretty sure in California, you can go around sticking people with HIV infected needles and not be guilty of a felony.

California has no right to every lecture anybody about gun laws every again.  It is now a state where simply owning a semi-automatic rifle with a detachable magazine is a felony but murdering someone with an incurable disease is a slap on the wrist.