Lies, Part Two: VPC and the Updated Concealed Carry Killers Report

Today, the Violence Policy Center (VPC) released the latest update to Concealed Carry Killers, an online resource that provides examples of non-self defense killings by private citizens legally allowed to carry concealed handguns in public. Overall, Concealed Carry Killers documents 506 incidents since May 2007 in 36 states and the District of Columbia, resulting in the deaths of 679 people.

via VPC Identifies Over 500 Concealed Carry Killers, Including an NRA Lifetime Member.

I could not help myself and had to do some “art”:

concealed carry killers pulp cover 1K

They have basically updated their old report by adding new pending cases, some that went guilty and removing those pendings that went not-guilty or determined to be self-defense.  Lots of accidental shootings and suicides to inflate the count.

Basically, a fresh shovel-full of the same manure.

Lies, Part 1: Everytown’s claim of 95 school shootings since Newtown draws fire

Of the 95 cases, at least eight were suicides in which no one else was killed or injured. In many of these instances, such as when a professor at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology killed himself in an empty classroom, or when a 23-year old man shot himself on the grounds of an Iowa public school after midnight, these events occurred while the school was empty and the shooter isolated.

There were also cases of late-night criminal acts included in the study such as a May 2014 incident in which a pair of armed robbers shot a student at Marquette University after 2 a.m. during the course of a mugging. In another case cited by Everytown as a school shooting, a 38-year-old man was found dead in a Clarksville Tennessee high school parking lot and investigators quickly deemed it an issue that did not involve the school itself.

via Everytown’s claim of 95 school shootings since Newtown draws fire.

Anybody actually surprised that Mayors & Moms have no problem repeating the same lies they got called by everybody including CNN?

At least Shannon is behaving like a mother “Those numbers are right because I said so! No go to your laptop and publish it like I told you!”

Blue Bloods and The Right to Defend Oneself.

Last nights episode of Blue Bloods (Season 5, episode 9: Under The Gun) was (for Hollywood standards) a revolution.  Some lone killer in a motorcycle targets prominent Jewish people in what initially appears to be a rash of Hate Crimes. On the home front, Linda, the wife of Detective Danny Reagan gets mugged at knife point while working a mobile clinic in a seedy part of town.

After the third victim falls to gunfire, the Jewish community decides that prevention is the better part of valor and tells Commissioner Reagan that they are hiring 500 armed guards to protect Jewish centers (The first killing happened in front of a Temple), the Comish is not very happy about it and storms off the gathering. Linda Reagan uses her influence on being married to the son of the Commissioner to get a gun permit and buys a gun for personal protection. And yes, she buys a snub nose, but it was not pink and I actually think was a Ruger LCR.

During the Family Dinner (a recurring scene in every episode and subject to much hate by haters) Papa Reagan stands alone in his indignation of the Jewish Community seeking extra security when every adult in the table agrees that there is nothing wrong with people to defend themselves. I must point out that Papa Reagan is not against the defending but with the way it makes NYPD look like they are not prepared to handle the problem… and my brain kept popping a banner with Castle Rock v. Gonzales.

In the meantime, Detective Reagan finds out that the killings are not based on Hate but on revenge about a lawsuits in which the three individuals were involved and that there was still one more person to be targeted: a nurse who is out walking her dog. Linda Reagan is back to work at the project and as she arrives to the location, she sees the guy who robbed her at the beginning of the show. For a couple of moments we think she is gonna go Dirty Harriet but she eventually pulls out her cell phone and calls 911 which is the smart thing to do.

But where the surprise hits home is  Danny Reagan and his partner looking for the targeted nurse in a park. He suddenly hears shooting and runs towards the sound and finds the killer being brought down by the nurse who is legally carrying a concealed weapon.

The show ends on a rerun of old clichés when Linda gives the gun to her husband saying that is not for her and blah-blah, but I have to go back to the nurse and the myths that scene confronts: A woman armed (That does not happen evah!) uses her gun effectively (somehow the killer was not able to rip it off her hand and use it against her) and stops the bad guy (without bringing down a double-decker bus full of handicapped children from Iowa on their way to the Vatican to see the Pope) without shakes or hysterics. Her life was in danger, she had the proper tool, she used it, bad guy down, end of story. For us, nothing to be surprised about, but for the Hollywood Media Machine?

Maybe there is hope after all.

Stuff I learned from old school cartoon characters.

It is OK to lose your shit once in a while. And sometimes is the only way to get things done.


Drugs have been with us for a long time.


The French are indeed smelly.

Socialist Friends…you’l always have one.


Assholes are indeed conspiring against you.


Weird hairy guys get chicks too.


Dumb does not only come in blonde


The elderly and handicapped can be fun to watch in accidents.


Sometimes the answer is enough ammo going downrange.


And perhaps the best thing I learned from them Toons:

Perseverance and being ornery and screw you.

Why good scopes are so expensive?

After nine years, John was amazed when his friend Knut Øyjorda found his gun in the mountains: The wooden stock was bleached out and brittle, the muzzle was rusted and unusable. Only the scope was still like new. The coating withstood the weather, the cold and heat could not harm the optics. T

via Lost and found: ZEISS riflescope in Norway | ZEISS International.

When I started to look for a rifle, I was told by several sources that I should not make the mistake of installing a cheap scope on a good rifle. And that I was expected to spend as much on the glass as I did on the gun and sometimes could be more.  I thought “Well crap, that is insane. Why would you do that?”

Well, one of the answer is pretty obvious now.

And no, I haven’t bought the rifle yet.

Hat tip to Mark S.