A Deadly Game of “Gotcha.”

28-year-old Henry Magee is no longer charged in the shooting death of Burleson County Sheriff’s Deputy Adam Sowders.

A grand jury decided there wasn’t enough evidence for him to stand trial on the capital murder charge.

McGee admitted to shooting Sowders before sunrise on December 19th while the deputy and other investigators were serving a no knock search warrant for drugs at McGee’s mobile home near Snook.

Magee’s Defense Attorney Dick DeGuerin says his client thought someone was breaking into his home and fired to protect his pregnant girlfriend and himself.

via Man Charged With Killing Burleson County Deputy No Billed by Grand Jury.

This is a case you probably did not hear about and will not receive much publicity, but it is a tectonic shake in the legal system.

Henry Magee had a marijuana hydroponic mini lab, there is no doubt as the evidence presents it. He also had guns which the police informant said at least one was stolen.  But after the raid, the amount of pot found did not even come close to the six-foot tall plants that the informer said ( barely inches tall) and the guns were all legally owned.  The police applied and got a warrant on the unconfirmed information given by an informant who had been arrested and was obviously trying to make some sort of deal. The police seems to be  immune from doing due diligence and conform that the place was indeed a dangerous place ran by a dangerous man. The raid occurs and one officer dies when the homeowner uses his firearm to fend off what he thinks is a break in.

Now, this happened in Texas where they are not shy of sending people to prison or to the Needle Room. That a Grand Jury returned with a No-Bill for murder of a police officer is monumental and is announcing that raids of this style are losing favor among the population.

Police officers are told many times never to trust informants as they are unreliable and will lie to get themselves out of a situation. yet, too many investigators fall prey of a sweet-talker who like a great seducer, tells them exactly what they want to hear. Couple that with a department who convinced the local politicians of the need for a SWAT team with all the guns, gadgets and tacticool clothing which need to be funded every year and the only way to guarantee that funding is to show they are using it a lot.

Beside the militarization of the police force, we are also seeing an increased use of unnecessary escalation of violent methods to “control” arrested suspect. It is a brave new world with cameras in every corner and every phone and which will share the video of a bad arrest all over the internet before the cop has time to start the paperwork.

Police, as any big enterprise has a tough time changing the status quo. But they must change training and fast or risk having more officers killed and counties sued. Politicians will also turn on them the second they feel police actions are costing them votes. If push comes to shove, they will even come up with legislation to reduce qualified immunity making the job of policing much harder.

So, we need to bring back the concept of Peace Officer rather than Law Enforcement Officer. Make sure SWAT teams are used for the truly dangerous customers and not to check and make sure barber shops are violating state code. Also, SWAT commanders and the entity or subject that requests a SWAT raid, must be held responsible for botched raids or ones performed at the wrong address. If innocent people die, they both should be brought up on charges and prosecuted: One for not doing due diligence on researching the intended target and the other for going along without checking if everything was on the level and making sure a raid was needed in the first place. In the above case, they could have waited for the house to be alone and enter to secure the evidence while having Magee arrested anywhere else. Both the narcotics detective and the SWAT commander should have been the ones having their rights read on the way to local jail and charged at least with Manslaughter.



‘Stand Your Ground’ law kills case…. Damn it!

“An argument ensued, during which time Bowles approached Collins’ vehicle and reached through the driver’s side window. Collins pushed him away and grabbed his gun to scare Bowles. During the altercation, the gun went off,” according to the court document.

via salina.com – Stand Your Ground Law Kills Case – an online service of the Salina Journal.

The “victim:, one Desmond Bowles was a former worker who had been told to stay the hell away from the property. The day of the incident, Desmond Bowles got drunk, got in a three-wheeler, drove to the property he had been told not to go, started to argue with the “attacker” (David Collins) who was inside his vehicle. The “victim” reached inside the vehicle and proceeded to attack the David Collins at which time the firearm was produced and a shot was fired injuring Desmond Bowles.

So my question is: Why even bring charges against David Collins? He was in his property, inside his vehicle, was attacked, defended himself and yet he gets charged only for the prosecution never getting around to present the evidence of his alleged culpability to the judge. 

It might be my perception, but I see an ugly trend here. Prosecuting Attorneys seem to automatically charge anybody who uses a gun in self-defense just because they can. It is like they are saying: “I can’t take your guns away but I am sure as hell make your life miserable if you have to use them.”

It might be our new battlefront.

Quote of the Day: Tom McHale

A number of folks seem concerned about the sale of ammunition near homes and a restaurant that sells alcohol. I for one was glad to hear someone raise this issue because before now I didn’t realize that ammunition, left unsupervised, was prone to multi-day drinking benders. Heads up people!

via The Chicken Little Diaries: A Shooting Range Zoning Saga – Bearing Arms.

I am laughing to hard to make sense. Go enjoy the rest of the article.

The Long, Slow Death Of The Gun Control Cult – Bearing Arms

Just 156 tired souls answered Bloomberg’s call to counter-protest the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis held just miles from Moms Demand founder Shannon Watts’s home.

I know how sad of a protest it was, because I was there. I’ve attended wakes with more enthusiasm.

via The Long, Slow Death Of The Gun Control Cult – Bearing Arms.

We are in a position that we have not been since probably before 1934 and perhaps even better. Astroturf cannot beat Grassroots in a world where  Gun Control no longer controls the flow of information.  We have more and more people coming into the gun culture and more people not interested in the gun culture but no longer afraid of it. The Narrative is hard to keep propped up when the alleged average Gun Nut is not the crazy Redneck hidden in the mountains planning to blow up a Federal building but Joe and Jane Nextdoor who you know for many years, watch games, go shopping with and send the kids to the same schools.

Yes, they are dying, but as Michael Bane said some weeks ago, that makes them dangerous animals capable of doing immense damage. We cannot turn our collective backs and we have to keep the pressure until they become dust like a bad guy from an Indiana Jones movie.

To this day, I still cannot figure why they could not simply follow the advice we gave them so many years ago: “Just leave us alone.”

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I had been suddenly flooded with overdue stuff that I scheduled in an almost big lump.

In fact, I just got back from a trip to the local office of the Social Security Administration, amazingly unharmed other than my nasal passages as it seems every brand of perfume and cologne was present and in full olfactory demonstration. I have to cigarette butts shoved in my nostrils to see if the nausea goes away.

So.. and while I get some lunch and get my brain somewhat functional,  leave you with this:
No idea what it is besides a bike


Out to Lunch

But since the Interwebs likes guns and shootings, a couple of pics of me shooting more than a decade ago as I started IDPA. Dashing fella!

Reloading on the ground is, shall we say demanding?
Taurus PT92-AF. And before you start mocking my selection, that gun NEVER failed at a match whole many custom 1911 kept farting away.

Dear @minasmith64 : Seriously, stop helping us.

This is an exchange that happened in Twitter. I saw this faked ad picture posted and I let the people know. I was amazed at the reply from the original individual:

Mina Smith 1

I intervened:
Mina Smith 2

I applied a wee bit of logic, not much as you don’t want to scare idiots..and it went downhill from there:Mina Smith 3She admits or at least acknowledges that the photo is questionable but does not care because of the message and she is in favor of being a scummy liar just like the opposition. But she has reasons:
Mina Smith 4Ladies and gents, I do not care how much you dislike the opposition or how much of a defender of the Second Amendment you think you are: We Do Not Need To Lie To Win.

We don’t need to make fake ads or come up with bullshit stats or wave a (fake) bloody shirt as we have truth on our side. If you cannot take the time to properly do research on our enemies and use their words and actions against them, just shut the hell up, watch Divorce Court, much on your Smuckers’ Goober-covered rice cakes and leave the rest of us do the work.

Seriously, Don’t help.

UPDATE: Mina is asking for proof instead of her providing the original screen cap. I found 2 more fake ads using the same rape theme and they are related to a fake/parody account:

fake account

fake account 2


But we have this words of warning from a President: