Why am I getting a bad feeling about the Ebola thing.

I have been holding my keyboard back with the Ebola outbreak as not to fall with the ZOMG! crowd, but I think it is time to start raising the voice about WTF is going on here.  And yes, there is a game changer somewhere because the numbers are scaring the crap out of me.

My knowledge about Ebola still is cursory at best and only what I have read in techno-thrillers. My memory kept insisting that even at the old scares we had, the numbers of patients was rather low and the instances did not last long.  Just to be in the safe side, I did some research and found the CDC’s Outbreak Chronology of Ebola worldwide and I was correct.

Please pay attention to the numbers: Before this last outbreak, the record for the most cases in one year was Sudan 2000-2001 with 425 infections and 224 deaths. The outbreak with the most deaths was the first one on record: Zaire (1976) with 318 infections and 280 deaths. 

Now here come the real scary numbers; According to the CDC, there have been 34 outbreaks of Ebola since 1976 with only six having infections and deaths in three digit area and that in the low range.  The rest have been in the two and single digits!

This particular outbreak since March this year? 3,974 infected with 2,007 deaths as of today.  All other deaths by Ebola going back to 1976 total 1,498 and we blew past that mark long ago. What is special about this strain that is spreading so fast and so wide? If anything, we are better at containing  and treating the disease than in 1976 but this strain makes it look like we are in the 1600s medically wise.

About the only “good” thing is that either by design or treatment, this outbreak is not as deadly as some: instead of the all time high of 89%, we are having a 51% chance of death if infected. Then again you have a better chance of survival playing one round of Russian Roulette (12 16% aprox).

So, I am not liking this shit one little bit.

Via the Feral Irishman, go check the October 3 and the October 4 posts by Raconteur Report.

And yes, you may want to start prepping.

OK, I am having Bob Owens spanked.

Now the NRA-ILA picked on the National Review Online thing of be being in cahoots with Moms Demand and CSGV.

However, such exceptions to the rule are not the subject of Charles C. W. Cooke’s disturbing article published on Thursday by The National Review.  As Cooke explained, Facebook and Twitter followers of the anti-gun organizations Moms Demand Action, the Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence, and GunFreeZone.net are encouraging one another to call the police whenever they see someone carrying a gun in public.  Some of them recommend alleging that a crime is taking place and express their hope that the police will open fire on the unsuspecting gun owner once they arrive

via NRA-ILA | Gun Control Supporters Advocate SWATing of Gun Owners.

Dear Mr. Owens, I am sorry but I am gonna have to demand reparations now. I figure a couple of hundred rounds of CCI Stingers or Mini-Mags will be enough payment for the pain and suffering.  I think of asking Mr. Cooke for one of those great Sherlock Holmes coffee cups you can buy at the store located in 221 Baker Street (IIRC he is in London) and from the NRA-ILA I have to get a new NRA cap as mine is just worn to hell.

Gentlemen, don’t make me pull out a lawyer! (Paging Robert The K.)

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IGNORE THE TINKERBELLES: Stop Rape Culture. Get a Gun

Some so called feminists on Twitter claim that women’s self defense enables rape culture. They said we should simply teach men not to rape. We only need to tell predators “Don’t hurt others” rather than teaching women to be aware, avoid trouble when they can, and to defend themselves when they must. Some so-called feminists went further and claimed that refusing to be a victim “enables rape culture” and so promotes sexual assault. I disagree. Preparation does not cause violence.

Locking your front door does not enable burglary culture

via IGNORE THE TINKERBELLES: Stop Rape Culture. Get a Gun.

That and the “You are blaming the victim” meme, drive me up the wall with a 4×4 and mud tires.

This is a great article by Rob Morse. Share it with your female friends that might be infected with the virus of Stupid Feminism.

Photo by Oleg Volk...like you couldn't tell.
Photo by Oleg Volk…like you couldn’t tell.

Winchester 9mm NATO ammo is the same as +P (Also a tip for reloaders)

I found this Winchester “150 Round Value Pack” of 9mm NATO 124 gr ammo for sale at my local Gander Mountain for $49.99 recently. That works out to about $16.66 per 50, which is not bad for reloadable brass cased 9mm in the current market.

That is, until you read the (very) fine print on the bottom of the box that says, “These cartridges are loaded to military velocity and pressure; average pressure is 10% to 15% higher than industry standard pressure for 9mm Luger.”

This is obviously part of some military contract overrun packaged in bulk as cheap plinking ammo. The problem is the “10% to 15%” higher pressure puts this square in the 9mm +P category.

via Winchester 9mm NATO ammo is the same as +P.

Notice that it is only 15% that sets the difference between normal loads and +P . If you are a reloader, it is imperative that you have a precise scales and that whatever powder thrower you are using dispenses the chosen amount every time. Check your reloading manuals and pay attention on the increase of pressure that results from Starting Load to Maximum Load and compare it to the actual percentage of grains increased. With Hodgdon CFE Pistol, a 10% increase on weight (0.5 grains) results in almost 25% more pressure.

A Kaboom is not a nice reminder you screwed up.