Missing Links

During the migration, the links got all kerfuffled because I had the original set up screwed up.

I am trying to figure out how to introduce a search window here or another way to make it automated. If you know how to and feel like sharing the code..PLEASE!

One way to find what you are looking for is removing the “wordpress” from the link:

Copy the link and paste it in the address bar

Next, remove ‘wordpress’ and a slash.

Hit Enter and it should take you there.

If you know the title of the posts, use the search function a top of the page.

If you are wondering who was the idiot that messed it up the first time around… yup, that was me.

In the meantime, if you now the title or words within the title (Hint, they are the name of the page of the link you are looking for) use the search feature on the left side of the blog. A

Click here for the Blog’s Main Entrance.

Be sure to save the new links.