TSA Enhanced Groping & Child Molestation: Showdown.

I am afraid that the eventual arrest & trial for “assaulting” a Federal Pervert is coming. And I also see that short of people congregating around TSA headquarters and re-arranging the facade with improvised projectiles and assorted dung, the idea of this new enhanced groping will not be revisited.

In the never ending disconnect between Washington and the rest of the Nation, we are now faced with Federal-supported goons that are engaging in conducts that would earn any individual a lengthily stay in prison and an eternal felony jacket as Sexual Offender. TSA agents will probably get Christmas Bonuses.

But hey! You mustn’t protest! If you speak against this, you are anti-government, racist and probably looking to overthrow the “progressive” minds that are running our country. You must me one of them Militia types. So now shush and spread them, it is Amateur Gynecologist/Urologist Time!

2011 Florida IDPA Championship: Registration Open!

I am just gonna Copy & Paste

2011 IDPA Florida Championship
From Friday, March 11, 2011 – 08:00am
To Sunday, March 13, 2011 – 05:00pm

Wyoming Antelope Club in Cleartwaer Florida will be the host once again for the IDPA Florida State Championship. It has been one of the most successful and talked about IDPA matches in the south and this year we expect more good times. New challenges, themes and ideas are pouring into this years 10 stage weekend match. Get your entries in early because this match fills up fast.
Location : Wyoming Antelope Club, Clearwtaer Fl. (Map here)

I already registered and made hotel reservations. Shooting Sat AM and Sun AM. I’ll be that fat bearded guy with the MHI Patch on the vest and racking up FTNs. Look for the Tactical Green Cute Wagon with the pretty blonde sitting next to it.

UPDATE: In less than a day, 89 people already registered out of 250 available spots. You may wanna get in the game ASAP!

The Walking Dead: Over in one episode.

So, we have Zombies that are drawn instantly to sound.  How about we set some speakers on cliffs and let them do a lemming dance? Or dig some decent pits, put a speaker in the bottom and when the pit has enough of them, just bulldoze several tons of dirt on top of them? If you feel like that is too much, Why don’t just attract them to an open space and have a demolition rally using heavy construction equipment versus their butts? (I got dibs on the big roller)

So, an IPod with a speaker, heavy machinery and some diesel fuel pretty much solves the issue of thinning the heard of mass zombies.  You then can save your ammo for the occasional straggler, sort of varmint hunting tall pests.