You can’t do that with an AR: Magazines.

I am one of those SOBs who love to taunt AR/M4 owners. The weapon system is a fantastic one and I wouldn’t mind owning half a dozen of them, but what makes the gun unreliable 99% of the time is not the mechanical but the owners. Just because it is called a platform it does not mean you are supposed to attach and launch any crap that is available in the market.

That last 1% mechanical happens to be the magazine… not quite. I understand that the original idea for the AR magazine was to be discarded immediately after use or maybe reloaded a couple of times. It was not supposed to last forever as it ended up being done and the problems that it brought. But luckily the new magazine designs have come along way and do a very nice job of balancing longevity and weight. The AK magazine however was designed pretty much like the weapon itself: Sturdy beyond what needed and can be used as strike weapon or hammer if necessary (don’t ask me how I know) and to last longer than roaches.

So, what do you do when even AK mags cease to be reliable as munition holders? You use them as pavers!


In Soviet Russia pavers may shoot back!

You can’t do that with an AR Magazine! 🙂

Shooting Ranges: Not for the plebes.

I am not in marketing neither I claim to be a guru in economic matters. But when I see that from 2008 to 2010 some 40 millions firearm transactions were made (NICS Stats) and most of them were handguns followed by AR/AK type rifles and both were bought with the primary purpose of self-defense and/or fun, I would assume that any person or company with a bit of cash and some business sense would think that a good business would be to provide location and services to cater that huge untapped market. I understand that new ranges face tremendous political opposition in some sectors but even the dumbest of politicians knows that behind that 40 million transactions lay a humongous number of possible votes and that silly opposition or blocakde to ranges may be political suicide.So, why not take a chance and start building ranges all over where people can practice not only marksmanship but self-defense techniques and even action shooting sports? Well, ranges are coming but no in the quantity we need nor for the people needing it.

It appears that the “experts” say We of the “cheap”  guns, plinking, self-defense and action shooting sports are not quite profitable.  The same experts are advising anybody who wants to open a range should cater to the Clay Disk & Five Figures Shotgun Crowd first and whatever space might be left to be used by the Plebe under the condition that they don’t walk/move while shooting ’cause you know, it is unsafe. I understand that the clays crowd do spend more money at the range. I admit I didn’t know they paid by the clay thrown (and by the looks of the clays area at my local range, those shooter’s be better off just tossing cash into the pond and save themselves some shotgun shells) but to treat the rest of the shooters like bastard children that must be brought to the dinner table once in a while to show the Christian spirit and then send away before they piss in the potted palms, strikes me as stupid elitism and bad business sense.

A reminder to the Gun Development and Gun Royalty crowd: You are being targeted by anti-gunners and the Enviromental Idjits. You will need our support to keep your broken clays depository open and frankly, if we can’t come to play with our guns, we won’t care about your playground. To the Business people I should point out that the local boutique food store, no matter how fancy the offerings will never make as much money as WalMart selling potato chips.

AMMO RECALL!!! Federal and American Eagle .45 Auto Safety Warning

The following is from an official press release from Federal Premium Ammunition.

Immediate Action Required

Certain lots of recently manufactured 45 Auto ammunition may contain an incorrect propellant charge. Use of product from these lots may result in firearm damage and possible serious injury.


* 38X628 through 38X765
* 38T491 through 38T414

If you have in your possession any 45 Auto with the following brand names and part numbers, check to see if your ammunition package contains the above lots: American Eagle (AE45A, AE45N1, or AE45A250), ChampionTM (WM5233), GoldMedal (GM45B), Hi-Shok (45C, 45D) and Federal Personal Defense (C45C, C45D). Example below:


If you possess ammunition from any of these lots, or have questions concerning this warning, please call at 1-800-831-0850 or 1-800-322-2342 and ask for Product Service. Federal will provide replacement product and will cover the cost of returning the affected product.

Japete: If it was not on the news, it did not happen.

I decided to drop by Japete’s blog and read about her latest. In a moment of weakness, I decided to give her an explanation why would anybody “need” guns and specifically “assault” weapons giving Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma as reference. With the clusterflock that happened in New Orleans after Katrina, most everybody do not remember the fact that Katrina and her cousin Wilma both hit South Florida, yet the cases of looting and mayhem were almost unheard of. South Floridians always add guns and ammo to their hurricane kit and it has worked pretty well because you’ll be hard pressed to find the idiotic chaos that happened in New Orleans even though we were without power for over a month and a total of 6 million people were affected by it. Japete did hit me with one of what know consider her top bon mot:

“Miguel-this is actually the first time I have heard anyone have the nerve to say that there was less suffering from Hurrican Wilma than from Hurricane Katrina because of guys like you with guns. Interesting that that didn’t make the news. ” disarming people and condemning them to suffer under the rule of the criminal mob that the police did not have the guts to go disarm. We know that so I won’t repeat it.”

Did people suffer during Katrina BECAUSE they didn’t have guns? That’s also a new one and a revisionist view of what actually happened. But nice that you can live in that fantasy world and make up stuff like this.” (The orange section is part of my original post quoted by Japete)

You cannot but sit and be totally amazed at Japete’s disconnect from reality. If there was a time where all the best ideas supported by Ms. Peterson were enforced and the consequences clear was the aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans and our side’s was confirmed. The Mainstream Media did come to these parts after Wilma in the vain search of Katrina part two, but since there were no bleeding bodies on the street, no mobs rampaging through the local Walmart and no army patrolling the streets, they left after the third day and pretty much ignored us. To Joan, this lack of news is an indicator that it never happened and that I am making stuff up!

I guess I had my fill of Japete for a while. I’ll drop by next month and see what new orbit has she achieved in her flight to irrationality.

Day by Day might explain part of the Japete Syndrome

Every morning, my first stop in front of the computer is Day by Day. Chris Muir never fails to poke somebody’s eye (mostly the Liberal/Progressive) and is always good for a chuckle dosed heavily with real common sense. The toons that ran Sunday and yesterday might shed a bit of light in the cavernous cranium of Japete. I’ll have more on her on a later post.

Bad Kimbers and cheap machine guns

According to the Charlotte Observer: The agents for the North Carolina Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement are either the unluckiest SOBs, ride their guns real hard or something might be amiss. Kimbers falling apart like cheap Hi Points in a year? And before that the same thing happened to their SIGs? But the officers were kind enough to buy the weapons for themselves before getting new ones ….. at a substantial discount. By the way, Do you want a full auto M4?

What is wrong with Revenooers?